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Amen, Robert. I loved what you had to say.

How do you know a false prophet? By their fruit. Anyone that is speaking for God can never take the risk of walking in disobedience. The message will get filtered through our own flesh and come out impure. (not that we are still going to be infallable sometimes)

I am so careful about my own walk with the Lord because I know if it is my responsibility to bring a message to people- it better come out of a pure heart. One that is right before God. Sometimes pride sneaks it's way in there and then He will cause us to stumble so that we are once again clinging to Him for dear life and for every word that He has to say. I can guarantee that He will do this time and time again with me.

There have been times when I know I am struggling with something and I will be silent. I will not give any messages out. I think it is safer to hold my tongue than risk saying something that may come from "feelings", emotions, or flesh instead of the Holy Spirit.

Personally, I am sooooo greatful to the Lord for the dreams that my daughter and i have. We feel very blessed to have them but also it is frustrating when you aren't understanding the message.

When we are doing something wrong- He is right there to chastise us through a dream. I used to dread the dreams at first because I felt I couldn't get away with anything- but now we are so glad because we know how much He cares about us to mold us in this way.

It is so normal for us but I'm sure for those who do not have them- it must seem very peculiar. I am so used to sceptics, but hey- the fruit should show! :-)

Blessed be the name of the Lord!



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