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 VIDEO SERMONS: view and download various video sermons


I am going to begin to compile together some of the best video sermons available on sermonindex and set them up so they can either be viewed fullscreen on the computer or downloaded for later viewing. I appreciate your patience as I add this feature to the website.


A Man Of God (video) view / download - Leonard Ravenhill pours out his heart on many issues that are important to the Church situation we find ourselves in.

Modern American Christianity (video) view / download - Paul Washer humbly yet with boldness speaks a very pointed sermon that cuts through the overlay of false profession in the Church.

A Warning To America (video) view / download - Keith Daniel gives a solemn warning to the Church of Jesus Christ in America, that we must pray and get on its knees before its too late.

How To Escape Deception (video) view / download - Zac Poonen shares on the subject of deception and shows how we can steer clear from this prevalent problem in Christendom today.

Seek My Face (video) view / download - Richard Owen Roberts speaks of the lofty and majestic God that we are to seek with all our hearts which is an humbling task.

Revival is Like Judgment Day (video) view / download - J. Edwin Orr's last sermon preached speaks powerfully about the deep, searching work of revival among God's people.

Men of Another Sort (video) view / download - David Wilkerson speaks of the great men of the Bible. Men who had a passion and true zeal for God. Men that God has given to us as examples.

Devotions or Devotion (video) view / download - Keith Green shares from a sermon from one of Charles Finney's books. The insights from this sermon are very profound.

Call For The Wailing Women (video) view / download - Nancy Leigh DeMoss offers God's clear message for troubled days. Drawing from the words of two prophets of God, Isaiah and Jeremiah.

Revival Forum 89 (video) view / download - Leonard Ravenhill shares his burning heart for revival in this question and answer session. Revival is the only solution for America and for the world.

Heart-Cry for World-Wide Revival (video) view / download - Wesley Duewel gives an overview of many great revivals. Listen and get a burden for God to move with revival in your life and in our day.

The Canadian Revival (video) view / download - Bill McLeod describes a revival that broke out in his church and grew as the Spirit moved in the area. A great testimony of prayer in revival.

Revival Praying (video) view / download - Lou Sutera talks on the subject of praying for revival, unbelief in prayer, praying specifically for God to move in peoples lifes.

Art's Testimony (video) view / download - Art Katz shares his personal testimony and journey of coming to the vital reality and knoweldge of the messiah the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Love of the Truth (video) view / download - Art Katz speaks to a gathering of saints in New Zealand and speaks directly to some of the questionable prophetic movements in Christianity.

Paul's Passion, Preaching, and Praying (video) view / download - Leonard Ravenhill shares in this sermon outlines the radical, heavenly life of the Apostle Paul! May we folllow in his steps.

Elijah (video) view / download - Leonard Ravenhill speaks on the prophet Elijah and about revival relating to Elijah as a biblical type. This is a must hear sermon for our day.

Are We Willing to Drink His Cup (video) view / download - Leonard Ravenhill speaks the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the baptism of Suffering and our indentification with Christ.

I will be adding more videos, stay tuned for additions...

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