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 Re: Thanx 4 the warm welcome & little bit of Macedonian history

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

thank you very much to all of you for your quick response of warm welcome (again;-)) to me and for your blessings and prayers!
I cannot promise that I will be very frequent post-er from now on, but I feel better having introduced myself and that one can relate my posts to a somewhat 'known' person rather than a total stranger. I tend to think a lot before I write anything (maybe somewhat perfectionist attitude :-( )since many different people will/may read it, which is good on one side but sometimes it's overwhelming and discouraging that I may never even write what I've thought of writing... But perhaps it just takes time to get used to posting (which certainly does not mean that I should pay less care then :-), after all we are responsible for every single word we say before God).

Sister Forrest, I'm glad you like my name, (and hope you still do though) it's a Slavic name ;-). It's pronounced as: 'millitsa and it does not have a literal meaning by itself but it's rather composed of the root word "mil" (read below for its meaning) and "ica", which is a common female ending. Now "mil" literally means dear or lovely in Macedonian, and is also found in "milost" (and all words derived from it) which means mercy. I was named after my grandmother btw :-)

And concerning Macedonia and its history and geography..complicated story... I was trying to explain that to sister Joy just recently, so here is what I can briefly say about it:

The name Macedonia exists from a very long time, as we can even see from the Bible, for more than 2000 years now.. Now history (these days) is very biased and it's lot of politics involved in it. So I've studied the history as it is taught in my country and I know that there are many, especially Greeks (but also our other neighbors Bulgarians, Serbs and Albanians) who oppose what we learn about Macedonian history. The problem with Greeks and our official name as Republic of Macedonia is a major problem that we've had ever since we became an independent country, after breaking from Yugoslavia in 1991, since they claim we have no right to call ourselves Macedonia. So I will just tell you briefly that this ancient Macedonia was a large area, comprising the present rather small territory of our country, western part of Bulgaria, small part of Albania and large part from northern Greece, reaching out to the Aegean See (where Thesalonica and Philippi are). In this long period of time this territory has been many times invaded, and the most successful invadors were obviously the Slavs, who came around 6th century AD, and from whom we inherited our language which belongs to the Slavic group of languages. (In this group are also Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Bulgarian, Serbian and similar.) Now whether we are descendants of ancient Macedonians or we are Slavs or we are mixture of them I don't really know..cause there've been different evidences for these and I don't know which are trustworthy but I just tried to write this as objective as I could.. I think brother Kire knows to explain this even better as he has studied in the neighboring Bulgaria and had to answer questions about Macedonian's identity quite often.. But as a Christian I learned not to bother too much about this, cause I am looking forward to my heavenly country and home!

I hope I didn't bore you too much with history :-P

EDIT: (I saw your post after I posted mine)

hmmhmm wrote:
zdravo sister, brother kire learned me to spell that hope i remembered right.

Yes, that's right! It's impressive to see a greeting in my language here! :-D



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Southern California

 Re: Origins and Destinations

Yes, my dear Milica, I still love your name, especially the way it is pronounced!

It's also good to have a refresher course in what's happened in that turbulent area of the Balkans over the last 16 years. It's strange, but it seems like yesterday to me, and can't have been pleasant to live through.

I too long to go Home, but I fear it is not quite yet, much as I would wish otherwise, though I admit I look up everyday to see if it is. But God knows best, and we all have our bits of work to do for Him before it's all done. But it is frighteningly real to see it all coming together, knowing it could be tommorrow, or could be held off for another ten years, as God pleases.

As for not posting because so many will see what you write, remember that most are more troubled than you are about setting down in print their thoughts.

Perfectionism is a problem for me too, but I just correct my posts to make sure everything is spelled as correctly as possible, and try to make sure my thought is clear, knowing that if it is not, someone will ask very nicely what I mean.

I don't think about how many will read anything...I write to the friends I have begun to make since I found this site in February 2007. And blessedly, even when we are disputing doctrine, it is mostly a friendly matter, with people just pouring out their hearts, hoping to connect with someone they will not see until the Marriage Supper.

As for your English skills in writing, they are better than most, so you need not worry.

And p.m.'s (Private Messages) to each other is just like writing notes in class, but knowing the teacher won't catch you at it!

With God, and more God, and then the blessing of each other, I find SI is indeed where I go almost daily, and very gratefully.

I'm so glad you have finally said hello! And thank you for going over what is old news to you, but a needed refresher course to us. Our reporters just don't cover anything but disasters, and I prefer finding out about surviving and pressing onward. So I search the newspapers worldwide that print in English, and try to keep up, but frankly, it is my friends worldwide that keep me up to date. And now that I've found you, please don't go away!



Forrest Anderson

 2007/5/26 21:33Profile

 Re: I felt I needed to introduce myself too

Welcome ReviveUsLord,
Great to read your introduction and I detect that you desire revival by your username. I believe many christians have that desire but we just haven't figure out how to get there. I believe the answer is obedience. I believe that is the answer an individuals life. In a families life, and in a nation life.
read 2 Chronicles 7:14 notice the "if my people".
I pray God's blessing on your life. I look forward to reading your post. I am a new member myself.
In Christ

 2007/7/9 12:30

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