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Thanks Mike for that link:Great, eye opening exegesis.
I have struggled with tithing for years. It has always seemed to me that I was compelled to give to my "church", and never had any money to give to what I felt the Lord laying on my heart to support.
I have to say everlast, a lot of the preachers today should probably look for other jobs. I personally think thet the entire structure of today's "church" is completely unscriptural. Perhaps I should explain furthur:
AND....For a love gift of one hundred dollars or more, I will send you my pamphlet outlining the Biblical Basis for Giving in the New Testament Church. For those of you who give a gift of $250.00 or more, I will also include a vial containing a genuine, authentic imitation tear of Justyn Martyr.Don't delay, sow your seed today! :-D


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ha ha bigdaveusa. That's an accurate portrayal of a lot of Sky Angel begging.

I love Sky Angel, but the money begging and twisted "seed sowing" teachings are ridiculous.


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 Re: Tithing - new testament practice or not?

I have found my greatest outside resource in this matter to be C.S. Lewis' chapter on the virtue of charity in [u]Mere Christianity.[/u] I would post the whole enchilada right here, but I am 75% certain that it's still under copyright, and is therefore illegal.

Still though, I think every Christian should read the book at least once, so if you don't have a copy, borrow one from the library, or beg for one from your friend, or spend some pocket change at a used bookshop or something...

Oh, and dave, you forgot "We take Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Pay only $39.95 for Shipping and Handling! And if you order in the next 10 minutes, you'll automatically be entered into our raffle for a baseball signed by Martin Luther!"

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