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Here is a great example of binding pray that brought revival

Please read Binding God to His Own Word

This is from the HEBRIDES revival

At midnight this man got up to pray, and I still recall his words. "God do you know that your honor is at stake? Do you know that you made a promise that you're not fulfilling? Now, there are five ministers here along with Mr. Campbell. I don't know where any of them stand. Not even Mr. Campbell. But, if I know anything at all about my own poor heart, I think I can say that I'm thirsting. I'm thirsting for manifestation of your power. God, on the basis of your promise to pour water on the thirsty, I now take it upon myself to challenge you to fulfill your covenant engagement". When that man said that, the farm house shook like a leaf.

 2007/5/14 15:25


Why not pray this way?

 2007/5/15 5:46

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Quote: We must have a fixed position when we come to God.

This is clearly seen in scripture.

We see it in Daniel 9v3 where Daniel says, 'Then I set my face toward the Lord God...

He had alreay decided that he was going to seek God concerning certain things, and he did.

It's no different for us.

So, let's take God at His word and see what He does.

God bless.

 2007/5/15 7:07Profile

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