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 Questions on atheist website

i hope this is the right part of the website...
this part of the website mentions people that didnt mention jesus and if they did no mention jesus then he couldnt of been god because these people would of wrote about something that had to do with him but left anything about about a jesus...
things like this dont mess with me too much. its just that Im confused. i know that if things like this were true then schools would probably teach them, or we would hear about them. i know also that people say jesus was an alien and theres always going to be strange things that anyone can come up with, but its strange that he took the time to write so much credible information about history though it seems, and i would like to just understand if anyone knows anything about what he wrote and what they think of it

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 Re: Questions on atheist website

I found this article by Dr. Wiliam Lane Craig
[url=]The Evidence for Jesus[/url]

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 Re: Questions on atheist website

Considering the Jewish Talmud describes Jesus as "cursed", a "fatherless bastard", and, they say, at this very moment, "boiling in excrement in hell"...

I'd say He existed. Please forgive me for the words above.

 2007/5/11 15:00

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Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

 Re: Questions on atheist website

Reading that stuff actually made me feel physically ill, I have never come across such anti-Christ material in my life. There was nothing subtle about that stuff, straight from the sewer. :-( The whole site is a shocker...'believe in God, we can fix that.' Oh dear, what will be their lot when they are on their faces before him one day.

Zeke Oosthuis

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 Re: Questions on atheist website


So what are you looking for? The testimony of someone else who may have known Jesus? If one is not willing to accept the testimony of his contemporaries, what makes you think he would be willing to accept another one? Methinks those people are trying to justify their disbelief and sinful lifestyle. Hence, if Jesus would be real, He would be credible and that would be a blow to their ego. That writer is so "full of himself" as a friend of mine would say.

I suggest you get the books "Evidence that Demands a Verdict", volumes 1 & 2 by Josh McDowell. Study these and I would guess this will help you with the questions you are asking.


Sandra Miller

 2007/5/13 18:59Profile

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