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 When God tells you no need to pray!!!

This is really a friend and neighbour's testimony. She went into hospital on Tuesday for a "repair" and probable hysterectomy.

I tried to pray when she went in, and had done no more than start to "lift her up" to the Lord when He seemed to be indicating that it was OK, He had everything under control and I didn't need to pray any more!

On visiting next she was still very drowsy from the op - apparently she'd reacted badly to the anesthetic and had taken a long time to come round. I wondered if I'd got it wrong and felt guilty for not praying more.

However, the next day she was allowed home. Her family and i were going to work out a rota to make sure someone was usually on call. Her one daughter had planned to stay that night, but my friend was so much better by the evening that she sent her daughter home. She had even been doing some light housework. She said that a hysterectomy hadn't been needed after all - a special answer to prayer (she had asked the Lord to keep her "intact").

The day after that I called in to find her almost bouncing around the house! She says she feels great, though tires easily and going upstairs is an effort. She was praising the Lord so much, and looked better than before she went for the op!

Of course, there are times when much prayer is needed, maybe continued for days, weeks, months, even years. But when the answer comes that's it!

Isn't the Lord wonderful


 2007/5/7 19:39

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