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SeanHobson wrote:

A great song that would make a good comp on the subject of intercession for others is [url=]When I Got Saved[/url]

wonderful song! thanks for recomending..


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 Re: MUST HEAR: Somebody Prayed (compilation)

Very moving.

Hal Bachman

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A welcomed word on prayer, incase you missed it.

EDIT: This is the first that I have ever heard of Ernest C. Reisinger.

 2009/5/2 5:57

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As I began to listen to this compilation, I really enjoyed it until Rev. Paul Washer began this unfortunate Calvinistic cry. He even made reference to God saying to him (in confirmation of his Calvinistic understanding of evangelism) to go and reach my people; in other words, go and evangelize those whom I have particularly selected to be saved. Inspite of his obvious passion and tears, I found this Calvinistic fatalism appalling. I do not mean to offend anyone on this forum. There are many good and godly brothers and sister in the Lord on this forum who celebrate Paul Washer. I myself have enjoyed a couple of his sermons I found on SermonIndex. I'm clarifying this because I do not want any of his supports to think that it is a personal issue with me, it is not. But as a bible-believer I must reject Calvinistic fatalism even if it comes from someone who has recieved the plaudits of Other than this one issue, I found it sound and uplifting, thanks. Marantha!!

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