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 Re: HELP!!! - I need resources on the Sermon on the Mount

We need to be personally and intimately familiar with the Lord's teachings, and I believe that for far too long a great too many of us have failed in this matter. Many of us can quote a thousand quotes from old time revivalists and men of God from the past, but when it comes to quoting the sayings of Jesus, we get dumbfounded! When it comes to understanding the parables of Jesus, many of us are ignorant to their meanings and practical applications! We've developed a thousands cliques that idolize men of God but we ignore the basic and essential teachings of the Lord Himself! My God, have mercy!!! --And yes, I'm preaching to myself as well.

We preach about a thousand subjects and sub-subjects but fail to teach all men to observe whatsoever Jesus specifically commanded!

Terrifying, isn't it?

Anyway, if anybody knows of any exceptionally good sermons, powerful commentaries, or other free resources to help me get more divine insight into the sermon on the mount, that would be wonderful. Though we shouldn't lean on men, sermons, and commentaries for our understanding of the Word of God, He has still put teachers in the church for a reason.

But Joseph, if you want to "get back to basics" like you said in your second paragraph, why are you looking to "heap up teachers" to instruct you on the sermon on the mount?

Maybe just take it literally and let the Holy Ghost show you any hidden gems...

 2007/5/5 13:48


In case anyone else is interested in this subject, John Wesley has an excellent series of sermons on "The Sermon on the Mount" you can read for free here:

(Just scroll down the page until you see the 9 sermons on the sermon on the mount)

Corey, God bless you my friend! May the mercy and love of Christ be shed abroad upon your heart and may He teach you to be merciful even as our Father in heaven is merciful!

Perhaps others would be willing to share their gems and insights into this subject? What has God shown you and taught you concerning the Lord's longest recorded sermon? Any doctrines, revelations, prophetic insights???

 2007/5/7 11:54

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Because the Sermon on the Mount is so rich, it's easy to chop it up into hundreds of little sermons and miss the big point. One of the best little series I've heard that touch upon the overarching theme and Jesus' heart on this is a little 5-part series by Ed Miller:

The advice someone gave about seeking God is great. The resident Bible Teacher within us, the Holy Spirit, will gladly show us Christ in this sermon if we will but lean upon Him with our whole being (2 Cor. 3:18). That's what Paul did by the Spirit. Look at how he took Matt. 5: 37 ("Let your yea be yea") and applied it to see the Lord Jesus: 2 Cor. 1:17-20. If we come away from this sermon not seeing Jesus Christ as preeminent, we're off center and need to come back to the purpose why Scripture was written: to testify to Jesus that we might come to HIM for life (John 5:39-40).

In Him,


Ken Marino

 2007/5/9 9:27Profile

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