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 The Death Before the Resurrection -katz

[b]The Death Before the Resurrection[/b]
[i]by Art Katz[/i]

This people has got to come to a time where their problems are so insuperable, so beyond solution, that they themselves cannot save themselves. If we do not understand that the perplexities that afflict Israel are God-given and that Israel's increasing failure to resolve those perplexities is also God-given, we will find ourselves inevitably drawn into a place where we join the increasing chorus in the world that condemns that nation for her failures because we do not understand that they must of necessity fail. There is a going down before there is a coming up. There is a death before a resurrection. There is a suffering and humiliation before the glory.

God yearns to hear men repent of any confidence that they have in their own flesh. Human pride clutches for anything if men will only esteem them, appreciate them and acknowledge them on the basis of themselves, what they are and what they can do. It dies hard. There is something in us that wants to be accepted for us. There is nothing good in the flesh at all. Jesus would not even allow Himself to be complimented when a man called Him 'good' master. He said, 'Why do you call Me good?' Jesus knew that this man was flattering Him as a man and would not allow him that kind of ideological or philosophical ground, because if that man could call Jesus good, what do you think that he thinks about himself, who obeyed all the laws and the commandments from his childhood up? 'There is no one good but God,' and Israel will never bless all the families of the earth until they believe that. When Israel recognizes that, God turns to the 'son of man', and says, "Speak to these bones." That is why this whole chapter begins not with Israel, but the 'son of man'. Israel is helpless. The 'son of man' is the whole issue.

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 Re: The Death Before the Resurrection -katz

Amen and amen. Brother Katz's ability to get to the heart of a thing never ceases to amaze me. He really lays the ax at the base of the tree and really goes to work.

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For the saint there is another 'death' beyond resurrection.“That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;”
(Phil 3:10 KJVS)The order in which Paul lists this has long captured my attention. Beyond the death of the old and gift of the new life there comes the need to daily lay down the 'new life' too. This is beyond the capability of natural man but it is said of Christ that he had 'the power/authority to lay down his life'. This same power/authority is available to us through the inworking of resurrection life.

Fellowship with his sufferings and conformity to his death will need all the sustaining power of resurrection life.

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 Re: The Death Before the Resurrection -katz

philologos said

The order in which Paul lists this has long captured my attention.

Thanks, Ron, for bringing this scripture to the fore. I was talking on this point with someone recently, but didn't recollect how clearly it is laid out here.

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