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Well said brother.

We are starting to see them, but we MUST maintain that meekness and we MUST minister in love. This is not a contradiction- it is the reality of the life of a true prophet of God. He weeps on the one hand and he ministers out of love for God and the people. That love and heart brokeness drives the person and God anoints them with radical messages and methods. God can only use a person in proportion to their meekness and love and willingness to give Him ALL the Glory (Isaiah 42:8). The life of a prophet was one of despair. Jesus wept over the city as they rejected him

If anything I guess, it's to be mis-understood.
And to go on anyway.

Mike Balog

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I myself hate to say " I don't know," and admit that I [i]dont[/i] have all the answers. I try and put up a front, as though everything was all good. I sometimes do this because I'd hate (please note the sarcasm,) for anyone to think that I'm not "together" spiritually.

Part of the process of God breaking me is making me to stop trying to be AlphaMale Chad and lay down, weep, and admit that I don't know a thing outside of Christ.

and with that I have found that more is possible 'cuz its God working and not me,and thank Him for that.

I need, want, and desire God. Thank all of you for your encouragement and posts. What a group of people. I pray we all continue to be bent and broken so that we don't interfere with God's work and in doing so mess it up horribly.

May Jesus Christ long be glorified thru my life! :-D :-D

Chad Lough

 2004/4/6 13:08Profile

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His Hands


Trials test me. They refine me. In myself I am weak, yet still -- I see me and hate this flesh. I want to grow and break the bond of this flesh, and serve God. For me whatever I go thru at home is an answered prayer and God is breaking me. They hurt. They sting. But didn't the cross?

Brother Chad and Sister One, may I say Amen and Amen...

 2004/9/16 13:33Profile

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