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 The Giants and the Chariots (study of the prophets)

Today's look into the prophets, according to God's words and not the precepts of men. Amen to God. This is not one of those simple sermons, but God's word is straight, and mighty in operation. I mainly use the 1537 Matthew's O.T version and the W.T.N.T 1526 New Testament.
Ezekiel 22
Moreover, the word of the LORD came unto me, and said:
Thou son of man, wilt thou not reprove this bloodthirsty city? Shew them their abominations,
and tell them: Thus sayeth the Lord GOD:|LORDE God| O thou city, that sheddest blood in the middest of thee, that thy time may come also: and makest the Idols to defile thee withal.
Thou hast made thy self guilty in the blood that thou hast shed, and defiled thee in the Idols, which thou hast made. Thou hast caused thy days to draw nye, and made the time of thy years to come. Therefore will I make thee to be confounded among the heathen, and to be despised in all the lands,
5 whether they be nye or far from thee: they shall laugh thee to scorn, thou that hast gotten thee so foul a name, and art full of mischief

Obadiah 1:9
Thy giants (O Theman) shall be afraid, for thorow the slaughter they shall be all overthrown upon the mount of Esau. 1:10
Shame shall come upon thee, for the malice that thou shewedest to thy brother Jacob: yea for evermore shalt thou perish,
and that because of the time, when thou didst set thy self against him, even when the enemies carried away his host, and when the aliens|aleauntes| came in at his ports, and cast lots upon Jerusalem, and thou thyself wast as one of them. 1:12
Thou shalt no more see the day of thy brother, thou shalt no more behold the time of his captivity: thou shalt no more rejoice over the children of Juda, in the day of their destruction, thou shalt triumph no more in the time of their trouble
Nahum 2:3
The shield of his giants glistereth, his men of war are clothed in purple. His chariots are as fire, when he maketh him forward, his archers are well decked|deckte| and trimmed.
4 The chariots roll upon the streets, and welter in the highways. They are to look upon like cressettes of fire, and go swiftly, as the lightning. (try Psalm 76:6 K.J)
And the 3rd chapter building your faith
Woe to the |that| bloodthirsty city, which is all full of lies and robbery, and will not leave off from ravishing.
2 There a man may hear scourging, rushing, the noise of the wheels, the crying of the horses, and the rolling of the chariots

Do we believe the prophets, we say we do, yet we deny knowledge of Idols and refuse to be as Ninevah with the preaching of Jonas?
Now for the exhortation for those that have turned to God from idols
2 Th 2:13 (w.t.n.t)¶ We are bound to give thanks alwaye to God for you brethren beloved of the Lord, for because that God hath from the beginning chosen you to health, thorow sanctifying of the spirit, And thorow believing the trueth:
14 whereunto he called you by our gospell, to obtain the glory that cometh of our Lord Iesu Christ.
15 Therefore brethren stand fast and keep the ordinations, which ye have learned: whether it were by our preaching, or by our pistel:

Being Ghostly minded is life and peace, but being worldly minded is death.
I pray that grace and love be recieved from this sermon, no longer is it repent from what?

Amen to Jesus Christ the powerful ressurected son of God who cannot deny himself. Amen to the

Terry L Merritt

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