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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Can i recommend a must read book!

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 Can i recommend a must read book!

Hello brothers and sisters in our wonderful Lord. I picked up a book this weekend at the banner of truth young adults conference and it is so helpful that i just have to share it with you and reccomend that you all read it!

It is called [b]'The Christian's Great Interest'[/b], by William Guthrie the Scottish Puritan.

It is about the great matter of salvation and assurance. Guthrie examines insightfully true and false conversion and true and false assurance. John Owen carried the book in his pocket everywhere he went and Thomas Chalmers described it as 'the best book i ever read'. It has influenced countless people down the years.

Every professing Christian should read it and it is a must for all preachers and pastors. Guthrie was a true surgeon of the soul, you will benefit greatly from this book.

P.S. I'm not on comission!

George Platt

 2007/4/23 15:47Profile

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 Re: Can i recommend a must read book!

P.S. I'm not on comission!

To bad :-( you should be, its owrth the read and purchase. :-)


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 Re: Can i recommend a must read book!

The book can be read in its entirety here:

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