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 Creation - Resources

I know I posted about Dr. Hovind but his teachings are profoundly deep.

Not only him but there are numerous other resources pertaining to Creation and how "Science and Scientists have proven that Evolution is false and nothing but it's own humanistic religion."

A resource that it very in-depth and [b]free[/b] is this.

Greg Gordon, allowed me to post this as a resource and anyone else asking yourself, "How does science line up with the Bible?" The answers are all on this web-page.

To sum up these apologists, "If the bible can't be historically, scientifically, geological, cosmetology, and etc. correct, then how can we believe that the Bible's spiritual truths are in fact, truth?"

Their response to this is: The bible is INFALLIBLE and WITHOUT ANY ERROR.

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 Re: Creation - Resources

Here's another good website that I got to for good articles:



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