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Discussion Forum : General Topics : What really happened at Virginia Tech – Chuck Colson – Awesome Article – MUST READ

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 What really happened at Virginia Tech – Chuck Colson – Awesome Article – MUST READ

Chuck really nails the true issue! Praise God for the Truth!!!

[url=]Something Horribly Wrong[/url]


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 Re: What really happened at Virginia Tech – Chuck Colson – Awesome Article – MUST REA

Good post!


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I had prepared the following post for Spitfire' thread,[url=]Chilling words.. [/url] and discovered that it got locked in the meantime, so I will post here. This is in response to comments about the various ways people have been interpreting the media presentations of the gunman, Cho:

Sure there are the masses of people who find the press releases about Cho quite enthralling, and will fixate on that. They sit back in their armchairs, and cluck their tongues and shake their heads saying, “Shame, shame on that maniac. (Thank God I’m not like him).” They don’t care to understand more than that. They will never learn a thing from what they are watching on the TV. (mind you, the media does tend to sensationalize these kinds of things, which doesn’t help).

Cho was demon possessed.

I find this “diagnosis” unhelpful, and I suspect, uninformed.

Thankfully there are always some whose consciences are touched:
it was a systemic failure. We are failing to show Jesus to this world,

Christans need to get our hands dirty again and go out to the ones that no one cares about

I agree (!!!) We do have a responsibility to influence our world – by touching individuals with Christ’s love. Yet, I am aware that the challenge is enormous. It’s like trying to hold back the ocean after the dam has burst. The needs in our society are overwhelming. But at least, a “cup of water” is better than nothing. And that’s all we are called to give - on behalf of Christ.



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