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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Kent Hovind (Dr. Dino)

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Dallas, Texas


I am very thankful for this brother's ministry. I really don't know of any other brother that is so perfectly maligned by both the intellectual heathen [i]and[/i] Christian believers alike. Whatever it was that transpired in Pensacola we just need to resign it unto God who will judge all things on that final terrible day. Everytime we libel a brother or sister on this computer screen we instantly indict ourselves as well according to our agenda for posting. God will judge our motives for each accusatory post we electronically submit. It well may be God has placed Hovind in a cell to further a divine plan which is well beyond our scope of comprehension. But if Hovind is indeed a "hypocrite", it is still not anyone's place to come on here and publically broadcast it. If you chose to do so, you do it at your own risk. Remember: he who hath shewed no mercy shall also be judged without mercy. Who am I to judge another's servant? We should rather fear our own judgment and be sober and vigilant to keep as much of our own fire-abiding riches as we can.

We are to "do onto others", and for all we know our brother may have repented and been cleared of any previous offense in the spiritual by the Judge of Judges. Who are we to then rake up the muck and fling it before thousands on SI? How would you feel if the same were being done to you by other believers? Saints, this is one of [i]our very own brothers[/i] who has singlehandedly done more for the propogation of the gospel in the intellectual institution than many of us will probably [i]ever[/i] do combined. Let us please remember and extoll his virtues and the awesome accomplishments God wrought through him rather than cut and paste and fling mud more on our incarcerated brother's name.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2007/4/21 9:50Profile

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To compare anyone to Paul is forgetting simple scriptures.

The bible is clear about paying taxes. Jesus said so ([url=,%20Mark%2012:17,%20Luke%2020:25;&version=49;]link[/url]) and so did Paul in Romans ([url=;&version=31;]link[/url])

Suppose Dr. Hovind was thrown into jail because of the gospel, then, my mouth would be shut.

But [b]he wasn't,[/b] he disobeyed the laws of the land from what I've seen 58 federal charges (only 44 were 'filed') and threating against investigators. [url=]Citation - 1st paragraph under 'ads'[/url]

Like I said before, it's great that he was spreading the true message of Jesus Christ. But when character is lacking in Christendom, in one form or another, I don't believe that person should be endorsed. [url=,%20Philippians%202:14-16,%201%20Timothy%203:1-3,%201%20Timothy%203:7,%201%20Timothy%203:10,%201%20Timothy%205:7,%20Titus%201:7-9,%20Titus%202:7-8;&version=49;]Some Scriptures to look at[/url]


Jordan said:
he is a reproach to Christianity and his actions speak loud and clear.

I won't presume things and say 'he is greedy' because


BeYeDoers wrote:
Todd Friel of Way of the Master Radio knew Dr. Hovind and testified to the fact that this was NOT about the money.

His preaching and teachings were a protest to the un-scientific "evolution" but then to go to the extreme and not pay taxes and ignore Scripture is totally wrong, just like any other command or sin.

IanSmith said:
We should preach as strongly against this kind of sin as we do against homosexuality!


Iansmith also said:
No matter how desperate a ministry is, it doesn't need to break the rules to be used by Gods. What this man did was no better than STEALING from the government.

I leave you all with a Scripture to think about it because I think we need to get away from our feelings about how 'great' this man is/was and be ancored by the Word of God.

Titus 2:7-8 (NASB)
7 in all things show yourself to be an example of good deeds, with purity in doctrine, dignified,

8 sound in speech which is beyond reproach, so that the opponent will be put to shame, having nothing bad to say about us.

 2007/4/21 10:19Profile

Joined: 2006/8/12
Posts: 313


Saints, this is one of our very own brothers who has singlehandedly done more for the propogation of the gospel in the intellectual institution than many of us will probably ever do combined.

Powerful statement PaulWest.

 2007/4/21 10:20Profile

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the Word of God says to "mourn with those who mourn".

brother Hovind and his family are going through a hard time. therefore, we must mourn with them and uplift them with prayers.

brother lovegrace you ought to be publicly rebuked for the statements you have made. let the world report on Hovind with some truths and some lies. let us let the full legal process occur, and more importantly let Jesus Christ work on Hovind's heart and use him and deal with him IF he has sinned against Almighty God.

your comments here on SI have troubled me since last week.


 2007/4/24 13:18Profile

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