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 The final warning - Virginia Tech

For those of you who have heard Carter Conlon preach the message [url=]The Final Warning Comes in Pictures[/url], does not this tragedy speak volumes to the future of this country.

An average American university where we send our kids to prepare for successful futures...

A normal morning just like any other...

Suddenly one of our own brings total destruction and shatters the false image of moral civilation that we cling to.

Abortion, violent movies, perverse video games, pornography... all of the filthy sins of our nation were turned back upon us that tragic day. The final warning is coming through in graphical pictures.

I speak only to the remnant now... get in the closet and pray like you never have before that God would turn His wrath away and heal our land.

Revival or serious judgment are at the door... and the saints aren't praying. God help us.

In Christ - Jim

 2007/4/19 9:05

 Re: The final warning - Virginia Tech

I dont disagree that we live in a sin-soaked society, and that it's all a sign of the times...

...but people have been saying everything you just said everytime something happens. I heard it after Columbine. It was said after Charles Manson, it was said after the shootings on the college campus in Austin TX in 1964. It was said after WWII when we saw what happened to the Jews.

I'm a little tired of Christians who are blaming everything from video games to wealth for what this kid did. [b]HE[/b] is to blame for what [b]he[/b] did. No one [i]made[/i] him do it.

Bizarre, horrific events have happened all down thru human history. At times it was God's judgement. However, it is not always God's judgement. This type of thinking comes from TV preachers preaching their health and wealth doctrines, and if something bad happens, it's your fault because God is judging you. Thats simply not true.

Bad things happen in this world sometimes simply because this is a fallen world.

Was this God's judgement? I dont know, I cant say for sure. I dont think anyone else can either. He was a disturbed person who blamed everyone else for his problems.

Video games, music, movies all play a role... I agree with that. Our society and our culture does play a role. But in the end, the killer is responsible.

[b]Yes...[/b] we need revival! [b]Yes...[/b] the saints arent praying enough. But lets not blame anyone but the killer. And at the same time, we should raise a voice against our culture.


 2007/4/19 9:19



I agree with much of what you have said. Looking at the broader picture it is quite ironic that we as a country propogate all of the filth and murder then are appalled when we fall in the pit that we have dug.

Yes we should blame the murderer for sure, but lets also blame ourselves for dry eyes and comfortable nights in our beds where we could have been crying out to God. I am not exempting myself from this statement either.

In Christ - Jim

 2007/4/19 9:30

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Tennessee, USA


If I had been involved in this incident, came to SermonIndex, and saw just that headline; I would be deeply offended. To even imply that this was an act of God's judgment on our nation makes God seem cruel, not merciful. Is this how our God chooses to be displayed? Is not Christ the "image" of God? Did He judge anyone?

In John 12:47, Jesus said, "For I did not come to judge the world, but to save it." God is not concerned with the wickedness of the worldly. He has set aside a specific day for judgment. On that day, Christ will judge all people accordingly. Until that day, however, Jesus will judge no person. He did not come to judge, but save.

Anyone who does not belong to Christ is left to this world. Yes, they will sin. Yes, they are wicked. God knows this and allows it. The problem is not with their external actions, but theirs is a spiritual problem. They are without God. They will be judged on the last day.

Not any of these acts are God's judgment upon this nation. He has not judged anyone, for if it were God's judgment, He would bring an end to the whole nation. The flood left only Noah and his family. Sodom and Gomorrah left only Lot and his family.

This is not God's judgment. Please, do not even suggest such a thing. It is not Christ like. Jesus said we should be merciful. That is not mercy. God is merciful.

In love,

Blake Kidney

 2007/4/19 9:56Profile


There is a reason why the dispensation we live in is called "The Age of Grace". For once I pretty much agree with Blake (tho not completely).


 2007/4/19 10:05



God killed a husband and wife in Acts chapter 5 for telling one lie. God sent the Babylonians to destroy His OWN people in Jereamiahs day. Paul warned the Church in Corinth that that the reason some of them were "falling asleep" was because they were acting unrightously in taking communion.

I am being very careful in everything that I write. I am not even saying this Gods judgement, however both believers and unbelievers should take notice of it. If you have not heard the sermon, you wouldn't understand. I am sorry if this title is offensive, however i do not believe we should not discuss something because of emotions.

In Christ - Jim

 2007/4/19 10:09

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I didn't read anything on the original post that inferred that this latest shooting was God pouring out His wrath on sinners.

On the contrary he says that it is our own sin turning back on ourselves.

I understood the poster to mean that these things are occuring in our culture because we as Christians are not living out our Christianity at home in prayer and ministering to our own families.

It seemed to be an encouragement for Christians to continue or begin to live out their faith by the Holy Spirit.

Leonard Ravenhill said something to this effect....It's one thing to speak to man on behalf of God, it's quite another to speak to God on behalf of men.

We should all do more of the latter.

 2007/4/19 10:12Profile

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