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I agree as stated earlier, however based on earlier comments in another post, I need to know if you are saying that God had nothing to do with the tragedy (like He sat on the throne helpless as one of His creation went on a murderess rampage) or if you are saying that God could have been involved and used the muderous way of a ranting madman for His own purposes, instead of stopping it.

I do not believe that God orchestrated this horrific event, and for anyone to suggest that He did is an offense to me.

What happened is the result of living in a fallen sin-soaked society. I've already said it before, so I'm unclear as to why you're asking it again.

I believe completely that what the devil meant for evil God will turn into good. Believe it or not, people will be saved as a result of the grief and finality of death that they now are faced with... many for the first time in their lives.

I think that professed believers putting their heads in sand and creating an idolotrous "love God" to placate their lukewarmness instead of weeping in prayer on behalf of a perverse society or standing on the street corner and warning people to flee from the wrath to come are more to blame then anyone, even the gunman.

No offense, brother, but you obviously havent been here lone... or have ignored the thousands of posts on this forum... if that is your impression of most of us here.

Perhaps you should read more, and write less.

I'm really hoping to admins lock and delete this thread because if someone who is directly effected by this awful loss of life should read this thread... I would be embarrassed.


 2007/4/19 13:08

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I'm really hoping to admins lock and delete this thread

I second that.

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Now about the possiblility that God, even though He didn't do this, will speak though this, I believe He does. He speaks to us, does He not? Of our selfishness and blindness to the need around us? How many around us are loners and shunned by society and we have the goods but don't offer them. Yes He speaks to our self-centered me, me, me ways. [b]It is a wake-up[/b] call to labor in the harvest. It is also speaking to us to be faithful in prayer for those God lays on our hearts. Those we are supposed to care about. We all, most likely, have people away at college or in the military and we forget to intercede for them. This does speak to us to get on the ball and care enough to do our part.

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I disagree with Ian in that he has no evidence to that effect. It's all guess work and what if's. There are a lot of people in my life, mostly family, who I have demonstrated God's love to... who I have shared the way to salvation to... and yet they still reject it and spit on it and turn their backs on it.

You dont know anyone in this case, nor anyone close to his family. How do you know that Christians never reached out him?

I'm not saying they did or didnt... maybe you're right. But you're just guessing, and now everyone piles on and says "yea, I agree" because it's in vogue on this forum to criticize the church. The church does deserve most of the criticizm it receives... and I'm usually at the front of the line... but in this case... there is no evidence, no facts, just baseless criticism.

Cho shot those people. Not the church, not society, not "rich kids", or whoever else we want to blame.

It is very ill-advised for this thread to continue. If it does, I'll do everyone (myself included) a favor and take a hiatus from here until this whole story blows over and everyone chills out. Otherwise my blood will boil to a point that I say something that I'll need to apologize for.


 2007/4/19 13:20

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 Re: one last word

Since I was the one who started this thread, I'm glad I get one last word in before it gets locked.

God spoke to me through that madman.

I believe that the type of thing which happened at Virinia Tech is preliminary judgement and I'm not embarrassed to say that.

That does not mean that I believe the people at Georgia Tech were somehow singled out by God for punishment. I believe we are seeing preliminary judgement everday and I might be next to fall at the hands of some catastrophe. Why not you or I?

I know God is issuing a loud cry across this earth calling people to repent before it's too late and today I heard it coming out of a madman's mouth. That's pretty shocking and my bones have been reeling over it today.

To everyone who is effected by this tragedy, I'm so sorry. I'm deeply grieved over the pain and loss of life and I'm praying for you all. I take no pleasure in this, by any means. In fact, my heart groans in sorrow everyday till our redemption is complete and every tear is dried. God have mercy on us all. Sincerely, Dian.

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Jeremiah will reveal how God uses wicked men to serve His purposes

Cho was not a wicked person, he was a killer. Wicked persons in the bible are those who hold the truth in unrighteousness. Wicked is twisted, crooked, and have the ways of Satan, sly and sneaky. Religious people are seen as wicked. They know the way, and stand in the doorway so others can't get in. The Pharisees and Sadducees were such examples, our modern equivalent is the Catholic system, Protestant system and the like.

Cho was demon possessed. The system failed him, there was an opportunity for Cho to receive medical treatment but they let him go. His parents no doubt tried to make sense of his life, perhaps thought like any other parent, go and get a college degree. I can see Cho playing playstation games that involved war, combat and killings. In College being teased to death because he was different, an oddball, a question mark. School kids can be the worst at teasing, they are experts at it.

I am in a way feeling sorry for Cho (You can hate me for it) but at the same time I cannot and will not excuse the atrocities that have transpired.

He was a cold blooded killer and at the same time he was being controlled by a power that was beyond him.

 2007/4/19 19:28

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Fact is Cho hated the world, and he wanted revenge on it, Most likly for all the pain he was put through as kid , but what i have learned thru this terriable event is we need to reach out to people even if they seem unreachable or dont want to be reached.
"LOve thy neighbor"
"do good to those who persecute you"
" give expecting nothing in return"
---perfect example Jesus with the demoniac,
Jesus reached out, demoniac healed,
God gets glory
Christans need to get our hands dirty again and go out to the ones that no one cares about


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A reminder.

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This thread will be locked.

Mike Balog

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