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 The cost

The Cost.

The Bible is very expensive.It is dripping in human blood.It contains the very breath of God and words cannot fully explain the benefits derived from reading it.Unashamedly, it is my crutch for life.All information for life and eternity is found in its pages.As Mr Spurgeon said."But the science of Jesus Christ is the most excellent of sciences. It is the index to eternity.." It is the single malt whiskey,all other literature is but a blend...Would you like to put a price on it?

Death is very expensive.The spiritual death concerns the mortification of human nature.This life long process can become a joy as you see the old self dying and the new birth taking place.Repentance dealing blow after blow to the old and the Holy Spirit bringing in the new. New wine in the new wine skin....Would you like to put a price on death?

Life is very expensive. Enjoy every day,and give thanks for it.The Bible promises death to all. Christ brought immortality,we do not have it.Ask Him what it costs. The Immortal dying for the mortal.The King of creation giving up everything for sinners...Would you like to put a price on life?

Eternity is very expensive.One might believe in evolution or the supernatural.All religions promise an after life, evolution promises dust.We cannot have it both ways.Death is rather permanent as most of us have noted.The stakes are high in this game of eternity you would agree...Would you like to put a price on eternity?

The gospel is for free. Who said..come buy without money and without price? Who receives sinners and eats with them? Who is the bread of life? Who destroys death? Who inhabits eternity? Who said whosoever? Who is that meek and lowly boy in the stable?

Consider the costs.

Trevor Collins

 2007/4/18 12:59Profile

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