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 ABOUT SERMONINDEX: Legal and Disclaimers


Here are some of the finer details on sermon permissions and legal use of the materials found on sermonindex.


We have endeavored to include only audio material that was given in public settings and should therefore be free from copyright considerations. If you have a copyright concern or feel that you are the owner of some of the material that is presented on this website, plese contact us.

All materials on sermonindex can be freely copied and used without permission unless the materials appear on the permissions list below in this thread.

Because of the nature of this website and the amount of material available here, the views are those of the original speaker or author. Because of the diversity of viewpoints on some issues, there probably isn't a single individual anywhere who would subscribe to all of the views on all of the topics presented here, and we don't either. However, the material is still valuable and worth study. Someone has compared listening to an abundance of preachers to catchng and eating fish. If one eats a lot of fish, one must pick out a bone now and then, but the fish is still good.

Our newsletter is delivered by email and subscriptions require your email address for delivery of the newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time. We do not give, rent, or sell the email addresses on our newsletter mailing address to any other party.

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This list includes all the sermons that have been posted with special permission from the authors and are not to be copied or posted on any other website without their prior consent.


[b]David Wilkerson
Gary Wilkerson[/b]

[i]Permission granted by
World Challenge Inc.
P O Box 260
Lindale, TX 75771


[b]Carter Conlon[/b]

[i]This message was recorded in the sanctuary of Times Square Church in New York City. Other sermons are available by calling 1 800 488 0854, or by writing to: Times Square Church, Tape Ministry, 1657 Broadway, New York, New York 10019. You are welcome to make additional copies of this sermon for free distribution to friends. All other unauthorized duplication or electronic transmission is a violation of copyright and other applicable laws. This message cannot be posted on any website. Written permission to provide a hyperlink to can be obtained by emailing [/i]

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