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 Invalidating Our Ministries

Brothers and sisters,

God has brought to my attention a terrible drifting that is taking place in the church today. I believe that it falls right in with our culture. The "me & my" culture and the "I" culture.

How can we claim victories through Christ with the powerful Spirit of God - outside or inside the church - when we are not ministering consistently, every day with every opportunity with our wives and children? How can we go and lay hands on the sick when we don't lay hands on our children and intercede for their lives to bring Glory to our Most High God? How can we minister to a hurting congregant when we don't minister to our wives? How can we offer up "deep theological insight and revelation" to the congregation, when we don't help our own household see the Holiness of God.

Brothers and sisters I ministered for years to the lost and hurting all the while neglecting the commission I had been given by God in ministering to my family. We are encouraged to neglect our families by our church today. Of course, it's not taught to us outright. But out of the importance of serving others (bringing in more people into the congregation and making them stick)we were stuck in perpetual meetings, and groups and ministry updates. All this is needed to keep a large church running smoothly, yet how much of this type of dilligence do we apply to running our households?

Honestly, how much more willing are we to say "Yes" to pastor, and "No" to our family? And for climb the spiritual ladder of success. It's no wonder that the social state of the church is identical in every way to the world. Oh sure, we may not cuss anymore...but that's only because or social circle has changed. We are still that sorry looking little boy or girl just wanting to be accepted by the popular kids. We are Christians! Our lives should reflect such a difference from the world. It should be stark!

Don't let the world conjure up excuses, just as I did. This is a pharisee mentality. "Well, I left house and home to seek and save the lost"...well brother I'd repent. You handed over your home to the devil himself to seek your best interest. You're just using Christ the way the world uses poker night, or bowling night, or a night out with the guys. I've seen first hand wives that neglect their husbands so that they can go and pray for a hurting sister. And I'm not talking about the occasional emergency...I'm talking about the wife that never ministers support to her husband, and could care less about encouraging him daily. But the moment someone else need ministry she's out the door. And the son or daughter that is so willing to stay up all night in a prayer meeting and seek God for "revival" yet is unwilling to help his father or mother keep up with the housework. Or dads that are so busy preparing lessons or sermons that they find the need to lock themselves away somewhere so as not to be distracted. Your families are a distraction to your ministry - this mentality is the Anti-Christ. God wants to teach us what true minsitry is. This is not Christianity...this is the devil laughing at your blindness and your deafness to the things of God!

It's time we honor the ministry God gave us as men, as husbands and as fathers. They need you to lay hands on them and pray for them every day. To lay your lives down for them. He needs you to open up the Word and read to them and minister to them EVERY DAY. He entrusted these lives to us. TO US...not to the youth group, not to children's church....TO US!! Let's be the stewards He desires us to be.

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 Re: Invalidating Our Ministries

To paraphrase Paul Washer "Sure I can seem like an on fire servant of Christ up here speaking on this platform, but come follow me home and watch me for a while, then you'll find out the truth"

Thank you for posting this, it is very timely and confirming.

In Him - Jim

 2007/4/9 12:27

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 Re: Invalidating Our Ministries

That is why it is so vital that we be not "unequally yoked" and I don't mean just a Christian should not marry an Unbeliever...I am talking being "like minded" both being "Christ minded" that way as the Spirit moves on one or the other, they would both be in agreement.
The story that made me sit up straight when I read it was Charles Finney' he had just gotten married, and was called away to minister. He told his wife he would be back in a few days...and he continued to get called more and more away. Ended up not seeing his new bride for the first 6 months they were married.
If they had not been of one mind, that would have been a rough go for them.
Yes, the Word of God is very clear regarding our responsibilities to our families...very clear.

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