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 Are Christians subject to demonic dreams?

I have sought an answer in the scriptures but am uncertain, does the enemy have power to influence the dreams of true believers? Or should a believer assume that the evil dream is a product of the flesh only?

In the past four months I have experienced a series of [i]seemingly[/i] demonic nightmares which seemed to crescendo last night.

I have prayed frequently about them. The passage between instances has become about a month at a time. But last night I had two such [i]nightmares[/i] in three hours.

Each time I feel [i]just as coherent and awake[/i] as when not sleeping at all. I am also fully aware of the sesation of being in the presence of a demonic power, as it is always the same: a form like a man but composed of and emminating darkness and hate which is visible and felt. The power is directed upon me and flows with the force and fluidity of a waterfall. Though deeply concerned, I have never feared that I was outside of Christ's protection. Then within the [i]dream[/i] I pray to Christ and it ends just as quickly. I find myself lying on my bed concerned but not fearful.

I am at a loss to be certain now if this is actually the enemy or rather a powerful resistance of the flesh, or even a business of my spirit? I always assumed it to be of the enemy but the fact that the experience has persisted and that I have not heard of such things discussed by Christians who seem grounded in the word has raised concerns and mild confusion.

I know that Christ was taken [i]probably in a vision[/i] to the top of a mountain to view all the kingdoms of the world in a moment. This seems to be an example of Satan having power to influence and alter perception in a godly (God, even!) soul.

I should mention that I am at peace and am comfortable going to sleep. But, admittedly, that isn't how I felt at six this morning when I woke from the most recent one.

Thank you and God bless. I appreciate your prayers and scriptural wisdom.

Michael Spotts:.

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 Re: Are Christians subject to demonic dreams?

Hi brother,

Wondering if you might want to copy this over to the other posting on [url=]Sleep Paralysis[/url]as it would help keep some continuity in one post and seems to fit in with some similar attributes you mentioned. It just makes things easier to follow if the posts get divided up. If you do so, we can remove this one.

Mike Balog

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