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Pasotrmarcy said:

Is it truly time for the hidden one to come forth, Is it time for the one who carries the mantel of Elijah to come forth and bring the peoples back to their God that they may become a church without spot or blemish.

The temple is not yet built, the plans are set forth but all is not yet in place, BUT yet it shall begin in a small congregation of the church, the prophet shall come forth beginning on Resurrection Day, Yes she shall come forth she and her sons to begin the cleansing of the House of God.

She does not like sin of any kind yet she will condemn no one, she will bring forth the mercy and judgment of God and yet she will judge no one, But yet she will bring forth conviction within the heart of the people from the testimony of Christ the Lord of all.

She has tasted of His blood and she has eaten the flesh of her King, she has been persecuted and ravished by the peoples of the congregation of the church, she has wallowed in the world for a time as God permitted that she would gain experience of the world and she has become what God has intended of her through chastisement and sorrow, she fled from her function many years ago and God brought her back and now she sits upon the right hand of God and kisses His cheek, she is kissed by the Son and held within His arms day and night, she sits at the Sons right hand and kneels at His feet and kisses them thinking it will ease His sorrow for His people, it is her who shall come forth and defend the Lord and His testimony of Love and speak of His judgments to come.
What shall man do, nothing, but they will think her a fool for they think it will be a man who begins this great event, but the wisdom of man is foolishness to God and God will do as He wishes to bring about this event.

There is one and she is coming and it begins soon.
Pastor Marcy

Pastor Marcy what planet is she on because it does not sound like you are on this one.......


Read the sermon from Greg Gordon and take note how the False tries to sneek in. You Pastormarcy should be called what you are.

A wolf in sheeps clothing..................

Colin Murray

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"Uncomprimised, unsettled, unyielding, unmovable, unshakable! These men will come with unbelievable message to those stepped in unbelief."

Sadly, that kind of preaching is considered legalistic and lacking grace in this age of spiritual pabulum and tripe.

Dr Parker's comments would get him kicked out of most churches and he would be hard pressed to ever find a place to preach again.

May God truly raise up prophets in these last days to wake up His people and save some more souls! Maranatha!!!

Dr. Ronald Shultz

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Hi MavMin...

Dr Parker's comments would get him kicked out of most churches and he would be hard pressed to ever find a place to preach again.

I suspect that you're correct!

I've often wondered what would happen if Paul (the apostle) were to walk into many of today's Churches and preach. Since few could physically recognize him (since his image hasn't appeared on billboards, magazines, television, the backs of books, etc...), then people wouldn't recognize him. He would preach a message similar to those found in his New Testament epistles. I've often imagined that the response of most Churches and pastors would be to stop Paul mid-message and "politely" throw him out of the back door. Of course, I imagine that there would still be a minority of believers who would also walk out the front door to listen to his words.

What a terrible condition in which the modern Church sits! We are filled with people unwilling to hear such truth. And amongst those who are willing, we have individuals willing to point the finger of heresy at anything that doesn't line up with their doctrinal ideas! We truly need a real revival of God more than ever!



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Just found this. Amen brother.


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