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 advice on a verse

Just thought I would point out that one should be careful not to be too dismissive of a theological postion by just calling someone or their position "calvinist". The idea that God is solely responsible for your salvation and that you are solely responsible for your damnation is held by St.Paul, Augustine, Thomas Acquinas, Martin Luther, John Calvin, the Scottish Covenanters, the Puritans, George Whitfield, Jonathan Edwards, John Newton, John Bunyan, Charles Spurgeon, Allistar Begg, Robert Murray McCheyne, Martin Lloyd Jones, the Scottish revivalists, John Piper and many others. The brightest theological minds of all Chritendom have held tightly to this line of thinking. This is not to say that the Arminian line of thinking does not have its own fine proponents, but we tend to handle the mysteries God reveals in his word too casually over time. To be dismissive on one side or the other as if it is a philosophical debate is to mar an issue that is holy.

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 Re: advice on a verse

Hi whyme,

What verse did you have in mind? We have discussed these issues many times over the years. There are many people from both sides and neither side on these forums. A search of the subjects may be a real blessing as many threads have gone into great depth of the subject. They will be very long reads, but worth while.

Robert Wurtz II

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I find sadly that those who spend the most time debating these doctrines spend the least time being the hands and feet of Jesus. I dont mean anyone here on this thread, just in general.

in Christ - Jim

 2007/4/3 13:52

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