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 Association of Christian Bartenders

"In this day in which we live, all you have to do is to add “For God,” or “For Jesus,” onto a thing and lo and behold that which the church has repudiated and all earnest Christians have [can’t understand] is suddenly sanctified. “I’m doing it for God.” “I’m doing it for Jesus.” And if you can just get “…for God,” or “…for Jesus,” those little prepositional phrases dangling on the end and lo and behold that which wasn’t any ever accounted right by the church down the generations is now suddenly counted right ’cause we’ve added, “I’m doing it for Jesus.”

That takes in almost everything the world has ever done, and I’m expecting one of these days to hear about the “Association of Christian Bartenders” who are “Doing it for Jesus.” They say, “Oh, we’re not like the world; we’re not serving up this poison just in our own name - we used to before we accepted Christ, we used to deal this out for our sakes for the money we made out of it - now we’re doing it for Jesus.” Now we haven’t got that far yet, but give us time brother, we’re on our way. And all we have to do is wait a little and we will sanctify almost anything by saying you can do it for Jesus."

A.W. Tozer


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