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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes

 "O' wretched man That I Am " ( in honour of Our puritan fathers)

It would have been now - ohh i suppose some (2) years ago that i submitted a Word on the (world Wide NET) - entitled "The Defilement of Sin"

NOW This word will also bear some RESEMBLANCES to that message, however i trust that which comes forth now though - will be that fresh manner from above (enriching the souls of men )

Now our Puritan fore-father's dedicated so much of their time, life and minsitry to the subject we now seek to undertake, unravel and pursue.

So that said: May this post be in honour of those great Puritan writer's - and so i trust in some way - in some small way, i too may be able to contribute to that self same work ~~ via this post today ( though no doubting - i will fall somewhat short in retrospect to those men ). And so with this offering - i now undertake the same task to which they dedicated themselves too and namely - the life long pursuit of holiness and the subsequent [hating of iniquity] thereby !

And not a bad way to be - and live i might add, being both a noble and worthy cause.

And For this cause also was the Lord Jesus Christ also anointed with the oil of gladness from the Father and with a sceptre of righteousness because even because ... he ( Jesus ) loved righteousness and hated iniquity.

Therefore he hath obtained a more excellent name than that ... of even the angels - and that by inheritance.

Now Ive heard preachers say many a time over the years - these words ~~ Beloved we need to pray that God would give us a [holy hatred for sin] which is a wonderful thing to exhort the people of God into - - However it excludes the other half of Hebrews chapter 1:9 which is The reason why Jesus remained spotless - for not only did he ( Jesus ) hate sin with a passion, but he also conversely loved righteousness with an equal and abiding passion.

You hate sin - because you love righteousness.

And beloved this then is a key - as to why one would esteem sin as being such a loathsome thing. Because his love for what is good and for what is under attack and under is threat - by that of iniquity ~~ coming between him and his relationship - with his creator !!

We hate sin because of our love for righteousness

For When you truly see sin for what it is and what it represents - and that from God's perspective ~~ then beloved like the Prophet of old, you too will cry out " woe is me for i am a man of unclean lips and i dwell amongst a people of unclean lips"

So just telling me to hate sin - even though that is the right thing to be saying to me and to us, it does still however have it's own deficiencies, insomuch that it does not tell me the how's (or) the why's - of why i should be hating sin.

~~ Sin is an affront to God
~~ Sin is contrary to God's holiness and nature
~~ Sin led to Satan's rebellion and downfall
~~ Sin works death in me and in my members
~~ Sin sets up a hostile mind towards God

He that commiteth sin becomes the servant of sin
He that commiteth sin knows sin's tyranny
He that commiteth sin is the slave of Sin.



And so having said all that thus far i'd like to now jump in and give you (7) good reasons why we need to win this war over sin.

1) Sin has the sentence of death: Sin has death written all over it ~~ in fact sin is death warmed over. Consider now beloved the tragic end of one Samson - A mighty man of valour a judge of israel and a nazarite set apart from his birth. A man that killes a thousand men with the jaw bone of an ass -- a man that was in essence God's superman and upon whom the spirit of the Lord would come upon mightily !! But when this mighty warrior in God began to have a love for heathen women; and began to rest his head in the one of one Delilah -- then we all know the tragic end ! The philistines were able to come upon him and carry him away to the stocks and make sport of him ~~ Yes the Philistines were then able to BIND HIM, BLIND HIM AND GRIND HIM. Poking and gouging his eyes out ~~ and that is what sin does to the souls of men, it gouges your eyes out - and puts the blinders of iniquity into the hearts and minds of men.

2) Sin by nature is deceitful: [Hebs 3:13] "Lest any of you be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin" Sin presents itself as freedom and masquearades as pleasure-- but on the surface only ~~ as it is like an apple purchased at the market place - the consumer see's the apple as glossy, shiny and delicious to eat in appearance.And so he puchases the apple thinking it is yummy to eat - but it only takes 1 or 2 bites to establish that the whole inner core is rotten and cankered through ~~ and so he spits out his first bite and wants it no more and is fit for the dunghill. And so is sin likewise deceitful in this same manner ~~ we see that sin is deceitful in it's tendency to cause one to depart from the living God. Therefore we are told and encouraged to regularly and to daily exhort one another for these reasons.
3) Sin is Misery: Proverbs tells us that when your FLESH and your BODY are [consumed] - then afterwards you will MOURN. Sin HAS A way of doing this to mankind -- now it may look glossy at the first and even attractive, with the promise of gratification to the flesh - but as King Solomon rightly spoke though -- in the END, it leaves you feeling wasted and utterly miserable ( Sin is misery, no doubt )
4) Sin is tyranny: Jesus has already told us in John's Gospel that if we practise sin as a way of life - then we become the very servants to sin ~~ and thus [the law of sin and death] then works in our members to bring us into captivity and under the law of both sin and death. Sin has that veritable addictive element to it ~~ that pulls, draws, entices, leaving it's victim under it's compelling powers. is it any wonder then that jesus uses that very powerful illustration of chopping of the hands and feet as being better alternative ~~ than having all the members intact, but ultimately going into the furnace of fire where there shall be weeping and wailing and knashing of teeth.
5) Sin is very besetting: The author of Hebrews rightly informs us yet again that we should lay aside those things that hold us back and undo us so [very easily] ...sin is always a set back !
If something is your nemesis and your achilles heel ~~ then don't play with fire ~~ don't trifle seeing how close you can come to the edge without actually commiting the transgression. Don't tempt God in this manner as did in the wilderness, when they commited fornication openly and so [FELL] in one day twenty and three thousand men.

6) Sin is dangerous: This goes without saying - but nonetheless we don't seem to be taking heed as we should and it is a hard lesson for us to learn ~~ Now many a night of planned pleasure has turned to pain, deveastation and tragedy the adversary prowls around as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. How many a young life is cut tragically short because he sought after pleasure and a good night out on the town. No need to elaborate further than this - as our news sources are rife with stories and filled choc-o-block with headlines containing the tragic endings and that of the senseless premature loss of lives. Sin is ohh so dangerous and not to be fooled with ~~ Now Moses was a wise man indeed and why ? because he forsook the pleasures of Egypt and esteemed the reproach of Christ better that the pleasures of sin ~~ which are only but for a season anyway. !
Oh sin pays: but friend you won't like it wages nor for that matter - Sin's latter end.

7) Sin is alienation from God: Probably the chiefest reason out of them all listed so far - is this one - and so i saved it to the last ~~ NOW THE apostle told us in romans chapter eight that the carnal mind is enmity against God -- and why ? becuase it is not subject to the law of God neither indeed can be. Sin seperates and cuts off ~~ God cannot presence himself where their is Sin -- as he( God ) is pure light and in him is no darkness whatsoever. God is not tainted by sin, nor is their any mixture with him ~~ nor does he send forth sweet and bitter waters at the same time. Sin brought contamination and pollution into the hearts of mankind. ~~ However Jesus came to restore and give back that which was lost. And so in Adam all men Die ~~ but So now in Christ ... shall all men live. With He ( Jesus ) being the propitiation for our sins - and not for ours only - but also for the sins ... of the whole world (glory) !

Nothing has changed: as the wages of sin is still death !! ~~ and to that soul that doth become entrapped and ensnared - prefering the fruits of worldly pleasures and divers lusts, then doth Satan your master have a not negotiable cheque made payable in and to your own personal name -- with his own signature writing reading this "Sin - your the sentence of death"

Paul was so right - when he said these words from 1 Corinthians and chapter 15:56

~~ The sting of death is SIN
~~ The strength of Sin is the Law !!

:-) :-o

Bro Stephen

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