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 The Street Meetings Of God, Volume 12

We would very much like to continue sharing some of the many witness encounters that we have experienced over recent times, to try and encourage those that are strong and mature in the faith, to also take up the Great Commission and try and reach lost souls for the Lord Jesus Christ, because an estimated 150,000 people die EVERYDAY, that's 7,000 an hour!


It was good on Saturday to once again have companionship in my street outreach. Lizzie, my friendly 'ministry' dog had the day off and Ann (a dear sister in the Lord) caught the train to my 'corner' to witness in a coastal town.

It was cold and windy, but lovely to stand in the main high street with the sun on our faces, giving out tracts for half an hour. The disadvantage here is the lack of one-to-one witness, as people are busy shopping. So we headed towards the seafront where we found pockets of people sitting on benches or leaning against the sea wall.

Our first witness was to an elderly, nearly blind man, sitting on a bench, who took Ann's tract and said he was a Christian. It turned out he was a Jehovah Witness! He denied the Trinity, didn't want me showing him any Scripture on it. Ann said a couple of things and I closed the witness by mentioning Psalm 110 where God the Father invites God the Son the place of honour and Hebrews 1:8 where God calls Jesus Christ, God. There was no response, so we left it at that.

On the next bench sat a middle aged man. A retired Jewish journalist. Said he believed there was 'something' out there. Nicholas thought that all religions offered something good. Said he admired our faith and glad it worked for us! Or words to that effect. I mentioned that we are made with a triune make-up like God (the Jehovah Witness was listening to all this) and that our spirit goes back to God when we die and our soul will live somewhere forever. I mentioned prophecy (I don't know why I zoom in on this just lately) and gave him our website for further info. He seemed a little more interested when I mentioned some OT prophecy. We finished with Ann saying: "We'll pray for you Nicholas" for which he thanked us. When we passed Nicholas five minutes later, he and the Jehovah Witness were sitting next to each other talking!! We were intrigued to know what about!

Then we nearly literally bumped into a group of teenagers. We gave out smart cards, ten commandment coins and tracts, they had no time to stop. Then another two boys went by, they stopped to accept tracts and one of the boys said he believed in God and Jesus. I said how important it was, not just to believe, but to receive Jesus Christ into our lives and gave him a CD by American Pastor Paul Washer called Who is Really Saved? I have heard this (as all the DVD's/CD's I give out) and it is a powerful wake-up call for professing Christians!

We then met a mother with two children, going to the park and I handed her a tract. I asked if she would like a DVD on animated Bible stories for the children which she gratefully received. She asked if we had anything on the Easter story for her children as she ought to let them know what it is about she said. I gave her a Christian Easter booklet I had in my bag plus a creation/evolution DVD as she said she too wanted to know more and would watch them with the children. Armed with a Bible tract as well, she thanked us and walked on.

Ann and I did some tracts through house doors when we saw three female 'Goths'- teenagers leaning on some railings-killing time! Ann spoke to the two nearest her, taking them to the Cross and I asked the third girl if she believed in God. She wasn't sure, but she said she did not believe in Heaven. We finished by handing them out different tracts.

Saturday was a strange day. Ann and I felt we did not witness very successfully. No two days are ever the same. I had got into the habit of taking people to their conscience before the Cross and yet not once this day did I witness in this manner. Ann witnesses differently to me, she takes them straight to the Cross. But I believe that you show the person that they are 'sick' first, before giving them the 'medicine' otherwise they wonder what the 'medicine' is for. I thank God that He says His word does not come back void and we can only pray that seeds are sown.


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