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 Does your Church tithe

This is a good forum we have going here. I see many people see the idea of tithing as I do. you see that it is OLD TESTIMENT that 10% is mentioned. An actual percent is never mentioned in the NEW TESTIMENT so it would seem to me that
if we have prayer warriors praying that God will lay it on the members heart how much they should give. This garbage theology about you "Give a blessing" (Money to a TV evangelist)"you get a blessing" Yes that can happen but it isn't set in concrete. God may have you give and then use your lack of funds because you did to teach you a lesson. So what I am saying about giving your offereing is very very simple. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY
and PRAY some more and then put what you think God has lead you to put in to the offering plate.
and if everyone prayed and put what they felt lead to then there would probably be more money than you can imagine. That is if your church is doing what God want's you to and not just trying to be the most famous church in town. you see?
Well that all for now God bless

Pastor Whitehawk

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