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 Re: Who is praying for Revival?

I am praying for Japan and my local area.


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 Re: Who is praying for Revival?


beenblake wrote:
This is a simple question: Who is praying for revival? Where for are you praying?
...who will intercede? Who is praying? Who is broken for this?

This is a simple question: Are you praying for revival? If so, let us here a public confession. Has the Lord laid this upon your heart to pray? If so, for whom?

In Christ with love,

Brother Blake

Brother Blake, as you know, it is hard for people to stick to a basic question(s) without deviating.

I have been in prayer over South Korea. This prayer has many implications and/or possibilities, because of their location and characteristics that connect it to the rest of the world.

South Korea and North Korea will come together, eventually. The United Stated has a huge interest in this part of the world. Japan has an interest, so does China and Russia. One could say that my prayer is for Asia, but since I am Canadian, then my prayer reaches North, Central, and South America. Europe and Africa, along with the Artics and Australia cannot be forgotten.

Wikipedia says, "A revival meeting is a series of Christian religious services held with an eye to encourage active members of a religious body and to provoke those outside of it to become part of it."

Therefore, my prayer is for the world. My prayer is for 'us' Christians to go out of our comfort zone and revive Him, who is or should be in 'us'.

Yesterday, I stood at the corner of a busy intersection and passed out an article written in Korean to Koreans. It is not much, but I figured that I could do that before I awarded myself with food. One man wanted to literally fight me. He actually picked up rocks to throw at me, but then eventually, after he realized that I would not move, he came over and talked.

By the end of the conversation, he confessed that he was a confused 'buddhist', a horrible sinner, and a stressed out drunk.

In the end, he wanted to buy my fiancee and I dinner and he asked me to teach his son English.

Pray is good, action works, too.

God Bless those that do,

 2007/4/1 2:42

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 Re: Revival

And to clarify the "wherefore" as to why I don't pray for revival, it is because I do not believe Satan will be "bound" from the nations until the millennial reign of Christ. This is, in my view, the thing that people who pray for revival (or work to create a theocratic kingdom, mainly in this nation), although sincere and good intentioned, and may be indeed full of the Spirit, miss. While the Spirit does move upon people, and has, and certain localities in time past (Wales, Azusa Street) it is not a blueprint for facsimile nor should be an expectation until and save for, again, the millennial return of Christ Jesus our Lord, who for 1,000 years will reign on this Earth and there will be "revival" in the hearts of men the world over. Satan will lose his control and dominion that he has now. Thus and henceforth a certain expectation of revival of the nation(s) (cities, etc.) before that millennial reign is IMO a rather distortion of Scripture, however sincere and good-intentioned.

To be honest and if I had my druthers about the whole thing ... in fact do often pray more for the Lord to return and [i]come quickly[/i] as the exasperation of just so much .. waring saints, the level of humanity spiraling down further and further into the results of it's selfishness. [i]The creation groans ...[/i]. Besides, what more glorious than this final end and the Lord ruling and reigning?

But I also think you may err here in attributing motivation to those praying for revival. That is a great assumption on your part. Many of us are praying for revival to come to the church and forsake it's many aberrations while it is yet waiting for the Lords return, amongst other things, not the least that Christians in this day are failing to convince anybody that they ought to embrace our Savior, give up their lives to Him. Not even sure where you got the idea of binding Satan or forwarding this theocratic kingdom concept, it is not being spoken of here.

While the Spirit does move upon people, and has, and certain localities in time past (Wales, Azusa Street) it is not a blueprint for facsimile nor should be an expectation until and save for, again, the millennial return of Christ Jesus our Lord,

Good thing they didn't take similar advice and forsake any expectations ...

Can appreciate the framework of the original question here but we must be careful in our dictates, there is always room for discussion otherwise we will be forcing mandates rather than fellowship.

[i]Edit:[/i] Jordan, there is something else brother. Why did you post all the things you did in [url=]Pray for "REVIVAL CONFERENCE 2007" (A Hosted Event)[/url] if you have no interest in Revival?

Mike Balog

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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Prayin for Revival

Vance Havner said: You do not have to tell anyone you are a Christian: they'll catch on!" Maybe this is why there is so much apathy in the churches?

What a great quote and truth! Agree, in the sense that the whole thing has been turned on it's head.

[i]For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish: To the one we are the savour of death unto death; and to the other the savour of life unto life.[/i] 2Co 2:15-16

Mike Balog

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Edit: Jordan, there is something else brother. Why did you post all the things you did in Pray for "REVIVAL CONFERENCE 2007" (A Hosted Event) if you have no interest in Revival?

Before I begin to ponder your post Mike, just to clarify, it is indeed difficult right now to explain this mere aberration to you. However I can say that, while I may have inferred an endorsement of it by not talking in any way negatively of it, I never had such in my thoughts (that is, an endorsement of it), nor did I think it was a necessarily good thing. But I did not want to say that, as I didn't feel it the time nor place to. Notice my response, "I would probably only come if Art Katz is going to be there."

The Frappr map was a gesture of help from me to Greg's handling of this.

Your post has a lot in it that I'm gonna have to pray about. I thank you for responding to me. Give me a while to respond.


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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

 Re: Who is praying for Revival?

This is a simple question: Who is praying for revival?

No I am not. Funny that I should be reading this just now. I have been away for a few weeks. Anyway a dear brother in Christ of mine emailed me about this tonight.
To answer the question, no I am not and will not pry for revival. What I pray for is repentance, starting with myself. I pray that God will so move in our hearts and give us such a revelation of His Power, Majesty and Glory that we will fall on our faces and confess our sin and beg forgiveness and mercy even though such in reality we do not deserve.
If I offend some by saying I don't believe in revival I am ever so sorry. Obviously we will agree to disagree.
In Christ,

Stanley Mitchell

 2007/4/2 11:34Profile


I am praying for a mighty outpouring of Gods spirit in Detroit and that His servants would speak His word boldly on the streets here.

I will not pray for revival though, I have seen revival become an idol for to many. I will pray for an outpouring, the natural result of which will be revival.

In Christ - Jim

 2007/4/2 11:51

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 Re: Revival Praying

Leonard Ravenhill has an interesting way of putting "revival"; along the lines of:

"One can not be revived unless it was once alive and is now dead."

The people who once proclaimed as those who "turned the world upside down" are now those who are being turned upside down.

Calvary Road by Roy Hessain (sp?) expresses revival as the life of Christ poured out into a human heart in such a fashion that it is divinely expressed, personal and has a great impact on those around them. (My interpertation of what he said since it has been many years since I read the book)

YES! I am praying for a revival of that which is holy, that which is pure, that which comes from the life of Christ and no other resource! Tears of repentantance are the ONLY pathway to any true form of "revival"; since only in repentantance is there a drawing near to the very reality of Christ as the leader of EVERYTHING that becomes (aids and beautifies, glorifies) the Kingdom of God!

And although I pray God will revive an ailing, gasping body of people who call themselves Christians, I do evennow ask that that He would have mercy on a people deserving of divine retribution who have denied Him in their actions, and give them what He speaks of in the final Word to the churches, "Repent, and I will give..."

as many years ago a friend of ours prayed, "Lord give us the spirit of tears! For our churches, for our families, for our brothers and sisters around this world who suffer for Your name's sake!"

To me: THIS IS REVIVAL! As once the hearts are broken to realize their state, once the heart is repentant and truly turns... action follows! The witness and testimony returns! People become convicted in your presence as you stand firm in the convictions of Christ! Others, unsaved see someone who has something that they in their hearts truly need and desire!

I have seen this is small quiet areas of time and place and pray that it would be a fire that would overcome ALL personal interpertation!

I also pray that as a people we would recognize our responsibility to the broken peoples of this world, both caused by our own nations and those by others, to both pray and provide! Which is a fruit of both repentance and revival!

A sister in Christ

Lori Salyer

 2007/4/3 14:20Profile

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