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 Self, others and salvation??

Leo Tolstoy wrote this:

A woman died and could not go to Heaven because she had been mean and cruel to everyone all her life. She went to Hell, and from there she prayed for mercy. Was there no way she could be admitted to Heaven?

The angel who guards the gates looked around and asked all the souls in Heaven, "Is there anyone here who has ever had a kind word or an act of generosity from this woman?" Only one stepped forth. He said that in life he had been a starving beggar, and one time this woman had given him an onion. The angel told him, “Bring me the onion.” It wasn’t much of an onion—small and shriveled—a pretty poor meal even for a beggar. Would it be enough of an act of kindness to raise the old woman out of Hell?

The angel took the onion and reached down with it into Hell. The old woman grasped it and the angel began to pull her up. The thin dry stalk seemed like it might snap at any minute, but as she held onto it, her feet were lifted from the ground. The other damned souls around her saw her beginning to rise Heavenward and they grabbed at her skirts and her feet, hoping to be pulled up with her. The onion stalk was so spindly. Would it hold?

The old woman looked down at the other damned souls clinging to her and yelled, “Let go! It’s my onion!”

And with that, the onion broke.

This critical story reminds me that Christians need to be vigilant at being inclusive of people of other spiritual persuasion and religious experience in our considerations.

Tolstoy's analogy, of course, is Christ as the starving beggar and the Christian as the person of the capitalist society that keeps everything for themselves.

I am not saying anything here in support of communism or anything else. it is just that his criticism is on the mark and Christians should listen and heed it.


 2007/3/30 17:39

 Re: Self, others and salvation??


Of course its only a story, but even as a story it completely misses the only way anyone can get to heaven.

And that's not on the merit even of millions of "onions"!

Matthew 5:20
[i][color=000066]For I say to you, that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.[/color][/i]

The ONLY way is Jesus!

Love in Him


 2007/3/30 18:03

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