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 The Street Meetings Of God, Volume 11

We would very much like to continue sharing some of the many witness encounters that we have experienced over recent times, to try and encourage those that are strong and mature in the faith, to also take up the Great Commission and try and reach lost souls for the Lord Jesus Christ, because an estimated 150,000 people die EVERYDAY, that's 7,000 an hour!


Wednesday last, and I met up with Ann, a dear sister in the Lord who lives 60 miles away from me. Leaving Lizzie my dog at home we met up in a large town nearby, where we've witnessed before, but today we did outreach in the afternoon instead of lunchtime. The street is wide and pedestrianised, with numerous benches, where people sit for a break after their shopping spree. By mid afternoon instead of shoppers we found large groupings of Muslim college students standing and sitting around. It was a warm afternoon and they weren't in a hurry to go home - nor were we!

We gave out tracts and tried to witness to people sitting on benches (to no avail) then Ann walked up to three Muslims sitting on a bench, with a very large group of Muslims (couple of dozen) gathered about them. I joined Ann and we both gave out tracts to the boys on the bench. They immediately rejected them, as if of great offence and said: "No, we're Muslims.” One of the boys sitting (the whole crowd of Muslims, girls and boys were from the same school, aged 16 years) made some remarks and asked a question or two about the Bible. I didn't hear Ann's answers, but then the other two Muslims sitting next to him asked me questions.

Now the story is too long to relate, for we were there around half an hour we estimated! Ann and I are not used to witnessing to others in different religions, or cults and we felt afterwards (although we gave prayer to this day) that the boys overpowered us rather. Manuscripts, translations, contradictions were on the agenda. We tried to cut through this by Ann bringing in the Cross with the quieter Muslim boy and I with the two others on the 'good person test,’ taking them to their conscience before the Cross. Didn't work! They accept their judgement's on the day they meet God and changed the theme to Jesus not dying on the Cross at all, to why didn't God just snap His fingers to make Adam as He did creation, then onto Jonah. Did he really die in the belly of the whale and why is Jesus called the Son of God and the Son of Man. Also why did Jesus call out "My God, My God...." on the Cross and much more.

We were bombarded with statements and questions and in hindsight, perhaps we should have left it there, for there was much distraction from the larger group, but we tried to answer as best we could. I related the modern day corrupt translations, Westcott and Hort, to secular evidence, to Jonah being a 'type' of Christ. I said Jesus is God manifested in flesh, mentioned the Virgin Birth and the uniqueness of this, how Christ's blood had to be sinless. To Him being the God-Man when manifested in flesh upon this earth, to doing the will of the Father. To Pre-incarnate Christ in the OT. Tried to describe the Trinity, the Triune make-up of God and why He could not call upon his Father when he said, "My God, my God" for God could not look upon Him at that time because the sin of the world was laid upon Him. It was very exhausting. Ann is 74 years of age, I'm no spring chicken, standing for half an hour with arthritis and our brains aren't like a 16 year old, nor are we walking encyclopaedias or Muslim scholars!! But we tried!

Perhaps we should have moved on. But we didn't because they kept talking and most importantly, where they had declined our tracts initially, they now took them and said they'd look on the website on James's Islam articles.

Whilst all this witnessing (or lack of it?) was going on, I noticed an Asian middle aged man watching us, approaching the boys, standing in earshot, then retreating to a shop window, still eyeing us. When we came away from the boys he approached us and asked what we were doing "targeting young Muslim children!”

Firstly we said we weren't 'targeting' and secondly they were not children. We mentioned that we witnessed to all ages. He said if he did the same to young Christian children he would be arrested - we had to agree, but we had legal rights to witness. He started to interrogate us and I turned the questions into more questions about who he was. It turned out he seemed to be a Muslim scholar, quite the theologian. He did nothing but rubbish the Bible indicating he understood God perfectly and why didn't we! I pulled him up on this and said this was very big headed of him and he and no-one can put themselves on a thinking level with God. We said there was much about God and the Bible we don't understand. He apologised. I also said I had not once rubbished his Koran, about its contradictions! He agreed and again apologised.

He said he would look at James’s Islam articles, which he felt he could tear apart quite easily as he had done so with other Christian sites! I gave him a tract with website address and a DVD on creation/evolution which also had some very interesting prophecies on Jesus Christ. Perhaps he would rubbish that too.

The Muslim boys had asked us to go back next Wednesday - but I've only just realised it's Easter holidays and I think their schools closed that week. Did they know that? Only God knows. Ann and I are due to go back next Wednesday for Easter outreach and if the boys are there I'll give them copies of Walid Shoebat's (a former Palestinian terrorist) DVD on "His New Faith.” Ex-Muslim turned Born Again Christian. If the young Muslims boys are genuinely interested than God will make that appointment for us to meet them.


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