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 problem at jail

I go to my city jail every week, and last night I had I pretty bad experience. My friend that goes with me threw his back out, and couldn't make it. So I go by myself, and about 7 people show up to hear the Word. Before I can even start, one of the guys starts stating his opinion of why he only believe part of the bible. Basically saying only the things he likes are true. This makes someone else agree with him and decide to leave. He then proceeds to start talking about who he calls "the creator" and how he live on what his heart tells him is right. All the while I am bringing forth scripture that shows he is in error.
Now an example. He says that he has never worked a day in his life because the creator says do not kill. He says that the money that is paid in taxes goes to the building of bombs to kill people and he can not support that in any way. Then he says he can kill "evil men" if he knew he wouldn't get caught, and that would be okay.
I don't want to send any one away without giving them a chance to hear the Word, but what do I do. I had the chance to share with the others in the room for only sbout 20 minutes, but that could have been two hours. Now he wants to come back next week.
I would like any scriptural advice on how to deal with this situation if it arises again.

Adam Moore

 2007/3/30 8:24Profile

Joined: 2006/12/10
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 Re: problem at jail

Also any messages that talk about this sort of thing?

Adam Moore

 2007/3/30 8:27Profile


your battle is not against flesh... have a day of prayer and fasting for the demonic principailties to be bound and verbally take authority over them when you start the meeting.

In Christ - Jim

 2007/3/30 9:23

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Nottingham, England

 Re: problem at jail

'The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly', John 10v10.

I don't personally know how anyone one would deal with this situation, nor do I have any examples to give you.

But this I do know, pray, pray and pray again.

God is all powerful. With God all things are possible, Matt 19v26.

Seems like the enemy is using this person to discredit God's word.

You might have to ask others to pray for this situation, and for God to give you answers.

I mean, how come he ended up in prison anyway? What did he do?

As it is, he might not come next time, but I think satan like a fight, so he might just turn up.

You are God's tool, he is satan's tool, under his grip. Pray for that grip to be broken.

In Acts 16, when a slave girl kept following Paul and Silas and saying they proclaimed the way of salvation, it says Paul commanded the spirit out of her, and it came out.

If you and others can fast and pray, who knows what God will do.

Others will give much better advice on this forum than I can, so do be encouraged when it comes.

God bless.

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 Re: problem at jail

On the streets people always want to interupt you so I politly ask them to just hold that thought and I'll get back to them in just a min. Normally the Lord defuses them before I return to them. Now that's in a preaching context, not in a question and answer context. There is a sense in which you need to cultivate what's called commandability, or an overall sense of control. What I mean here is not to be taken as being overbearing but as one who is in charge of the direction, flow and content of the meeting. You act as an overseerer of the whole and sit in the position of authority. This will come through and be seen by thoughs present, but you personally must be convinced that Jesus has called you there and is with you and has given you this awesome authority. Then just stand tough and face this foe as one who's already defeated, you are more than able to do this because Christ is in you, and you are His faithful witness. I can give you scriptures if you need but rember some battles when you're preaching to thoughs in jail are just not worth fighting, chose wisely your battles. Always stay on point, here's what I mean. If you're preaching on the cross and someone interupts you and wants to interjectMary the mother of Jesus or some strange experience they may have had, rather than address them, you tell them to (here we go again :-) ) "hold that thought", and you proceed with your flow of thought in your message on the cross. I hope that makes sense?..

Lastly, what has already been mentioned, pray, then pray some more and when you are finished praying , pray some more, actually forget about leaving the attitude of prayer, just bring that Holy place of prayer with you to the jail :-)


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Ray Comfort has some pretty good advice for hecklers he calls them. He does alot of street preaching and he gives pretty good advice for how to deal with the hecklers. Ones who just want to disrupt you and make a scene so forth.


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Amen brother! Our enemies are the principalities, powers, and rulers of the darkness. We fight these battles against them in the secret place of prayer!

Thats wise counsel brother!

"...and they overcame him..."

 2007/3/30 14:31Profile

 Re: problem at jail


unfortunately, the fellow is correct that paying taxes to the US government supports the murder of innocent people and an international arms trade that fuels wars and genocide worldwide.

one thing you could do is begin next time by immediately pointing out that he has made an important point. then redirect your meeting to how Christians are actively opposing the international arms trade as a means of following the teachings of Jesus from the Bible.


ps. here's one link. please let me know of the others you find.

pss. here's an Oxfam letter from religious leaders on the subject.

 2007/3/30 15:41


paying taxes to the US government supports the murder of innocent people

So did paying taxes to the Roman government and Jesus said to pay to Ceaser what is Ceasers. Then he told his disciples to pray, not try to change international policy through political activism.

p.s. Bubbaguy - the "jesus" that you speak of in your posts is not the Jesus of the Bible who now sits at the right hand of God the father. He is "another jesus". I pray for you.


 2007/3/30 16:23


Jim, thanks for your prayers.

i think you have misinterpreted the passage about rendering unto Ceasar. What Jesus says is essentially that what you so decide you owe to Ceasar is exactly what you owe, and nothing more. it is your decision what you render unto God and what you render unto Ceasar; and your decision makes obvious your commitment to each.

this is how Jesus actually supported political activism while not bringing about his premature incarceration. (the time was not ready) if He had said, don't pay taxes to Ceasar, He would have been immediately arrested. so He used covert language to tell the truth about where our allegiances should be.


 2007/3/30 16:39

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