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 A miracle at birth - Paris Reidhead

I've just started reading [b]'Finding The Reality of God'[/b] by Paris Reidhead. In the preface his daughter, Virginia Reidhead Teitt, shares about the miracle that occurred at her father's birth. This is the man whose sermon, [url=]'Ten Shekels and A Shirt'[/url] has impacted so many of our lives.

Early in 1992 as Dad faced the last days of his battle with cancer, he shared with me the story of his birth. After a long and difficult labor his mother gave birth to her first-born son on May 30, 1919, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The baby was breach, his neck had been broken and was at a right angle. the docter announced that he had saved the mother, but lost the baby. Our grandmother, Ruby Perkins Reidhead, responded that this could not be so, for she had prayed and God had revealed that her son, this child, would be a spokesman unto Him. When the docter checked again, the baby's head had straightened, his color was normal and his breathing regular. This was Paris Reidhead's birth.

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 Re: A miracle at birth - Paris Reidhead

This is an incredible testimony, Joy. I would have never know about it had you not posted it.

Thank you.

Paul Frederick West

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God had revealed that her son, this child, would be a spokesman unto Him.

Amazing. It reminds me of Leonard Ravenhill, his mother prayed make him a preacher or let him die. (something in that regards).

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