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 Greetings Everyone

It is a blessing to be a member of this community of the Lord.
I am Marcy, I am the mother of 8 children,and of 4 grand-daughters, I have a wonderful God fearing husband.
We live on the top of a mountain and I enjoy spending most of my time talking with, singing to and reading to the Lord (I enjoy reading His word to Him), and listening to christian music.
Otherwise I am spending time with my family, and christian family worldwide.
I do enjoy fellowship with the community of the Lord, and I love blessing people with encouragement through Gods word, and edifying people.
I do have a personal saying also...Just as Jesus said "I will never leave nor forsake you"...I also will not leave nor forsake for I am to be as my Master Jesus.

Well this is a piece of who I am.
I look foward to reading the articles here and praying with and for you.

Marcy M

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: Greetings Everyone

It is a blessing to be a member of this community of the Lord.
I am Marcy, I am the mother of 8 children,and of 4 grand-daughters, I have a wonderful God fearing husband.

Great to have you on May the Lord truly bless you as you seek more of Him. Please do utilize the repository of old christian teachings. Here is a great sermon to start with by Paris Reidhead, I highly recommend it: Ten Shekels and a Shirt.

Let me know if you have any questions about the website.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Greetings Everyone

Greetings, Pastor Marcy!!!

Welcome to sermonindex. This site has blessed me so much with all the recorded teachings of the dear saints of God!! May they bless you tremendously.

God bless you in your walk with Him,

 2007/3/28 12:48

 Re: Greetings Everyone

Welcome, sister!

There is much on this site to encourage our walks with God. I was recently blessed listening to this sermon by Zac Poonen:
[b]True Discipleship[/b]

May the Lord bless you!


 2007/3/28 12:50

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 Re: Greetings Everyone

Greetings in the name of the Lord. So glad to have you.

I couldn't get your web site to come up.

Blessings and peace unto your house.


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Here is her website (I think it was missing a t):

[url=]Marcy's Web Site[/url]

I'm going to go check it out! [I noticed a lot of Jerusalem links. Have you heard of Art Katz?]

Here is a link to his sermons:
[url=]Art Katz Sermon Pages[/url], 19 pages to choose from! Enjoy.

 2007/3/28 16:04

Joined: 2007/3/28
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I want to thank everyone for such a warm welcome. I am enjoying surfing the site, and I will definitely look at the links posted here.
As for the Jerusalem links I have, I love keeping up to date with Gods chosen city and people. That is where the prophecies will be filled; therefore I keep watch and I pray for them. I pray for all Gods children.

I have heard of Art Katz, and I do enjoy all the old teachings (AW Tozer, Moody and many others)as they carry on much knowledge and wisdom.
I do enjoy the early church fathers, I am a member of ccel library and also Wesley Center for applied theology, I enjoy apologetics and well anything to do with the Lord I enjoy doing.
I know knowledge doesn't get one into heaven but it is good to have while I am here, not for myself alone but for those who could benefit from it at that moment in their life.

I value everyones opinion on the ways of God, as long as it corresponds and lines up with the word of God.

I also wish to know if I am allowed to place a link on my links page in my site to this one. And also one in my yahoo and praize groups for the members I have there as I know they would deeply enjoy this community as well.

Also do you have the audio sermons in text, I noticed many are in audio. Dial up is hard for audio, right now I am sharing satellite internet but when my students moves it goes with them.

Oh I also love studying medical health, staying healthy naturally, sickness prevention, and mental health.
I used to be a certified nursing assistant years ago, BUT God had other plans for me which I value more. I now am taking all the knowledge I have and placing it in my ministry all for the Glory of God.

For those who have noticed the mistake in the url to my site, I have corrected it.
Again thank you for the warm welcome, I know I will benefit and greatly enjoy this community and all it has to offer.
Blessings of peace to you all

Marcy M

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Southern California

 Re: Greetings Everyone

Wow, you are an amazing lady!

A major Wife, Mom and Grandmom, a nurse, and now a Pastor.

Glad you found S.I. It's an amazing place, and I never have enough time, but I will search out it's riches.

I pray it will bless you as it has blessed me.



EDIT: I am cursed with dialup, living in the mountains also, and I download the audio's first through Rhapsody, then listen after. This is one of the main reason's I'm almost always logged on for days, as I download, and download, and download, while I write and read and write and read in the forums, and read the text sermon's.
Have courage, my sister.

Forrest Anderson

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