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:-D [i][size=medium][color=FF9900]I just finished adding my location and picture of the wife and I. That is so neat. I am reasonably sure because of my health conditions I can't even entertain the thought of being able to attend the conference. Hopefully it will be televised or video cast in some format. Until today I did not know the map site existed. Thanks for the re: to bring our attention to the map.I have only been a member of SI for a couple of months.[/color][/size][/i]

 2007/8/18 15:42


Only just found this, as i don't go onto this section very much.

Tried to add but failed, don't know why.

Will try again later


 2008/2/26 12:30


Got myself put on Frapper, (what a strange name!) but can't upload a picture (maybe the one I was trying was too big?) and can't correct the map reference. It says Wales, then somewhere in [i]England[/i] and the tag won't move, even when I log in! :-o



 2008/2/27 6:11

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