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 Unless You Repent by Jonathan Edwards (book review)


This is an incredibly powerful book, well-compiled and well-edited to provide biblically-saturated expositions, to develop mental pictures of hell, and to awaken the affections of dead sinners while there is still time. Edwards does not rest content with the damnation of sinners but uses hell as a means to cause sinners to run to safety in Christ.

Unless You Repent is an excellent series of sermons upon the doctrine of God's judgment. It will prove useful for worship leaders and preachers and even as a book to reach the lost (especially I would see this as useful for churchgoers who are awakened to their sin but have not 'closed with Christ,' to use a Puritan phrase).

In the intention of Edwards, the doctrine of hell causes us to see God's judgment and our hopeless apart from Christ. If history is repeated, the fires of awakening in America will not flame again until the church allows God's justice and the horrors of hell to once again become central in the pulpit. As one contemporary preacher says, our pulpits must be dipped in the blood of the Lamb and singed by the fire of hell. Throughout church history, Edwards here remains our most excellent example.

Title: Unless You Repent
Author: Jonathan Edwards
Pages: 232
Price USD: $19.75 from Monergism Books
ISBN: 1567690602

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 Re: Unless You Repent by Jonathan Edwards (book review)

i recently listened to his sermon "sinners in the hands of an angry God" the audio version that is available here on SI, and i couldn't help wonder what would happened to my country if sermons whit that depth would be frequently preached....


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