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 Pen suitable for writting on Bible pages

What's your recommendation for pen suitable for writting on Bible pages? My Bible by Cambridge uses Bible paper.

Gel pen will probably get through a page; ball pen would damage the page...

How about highlighter?

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 Re: Pen suitable for writting on Bible pages

I wouldn't use highlighters; they bleed through the pages. Right now, I am using gel pens to underline (and I'm a guy). It seems to be the best way to mark my Bible, because my pages are colorful and I can actually read the print.

I used a violet highlighter one time, and I couldn't read the print.


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 Re: Pen suitable for writting on Bible pages

Highlighters are very bad for bibles unless it's a dry highlighter, otherwise it'll bleed through likely etc. I recommend using a ball-point pen of any sort like Pentel or Bic. They don't bleed if you press gently.


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 Re: Pen suitable for writing on Bible pages

i use an STAEDTLER pigment liner 0.05mm, allows me to write very thin and fine notes , i also use a Cambridge bible the wide margin edition, and i find this pen excellent, don't bleed through and because of its "fine" and small edge you can write very small text and still be readable and not "fuzzy" and blurred


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I don't know.. maybe the highlighters here in Korea are different (made in Korea)...but I find the yellow ones great!!! Actually, I have used some other colors (orange/pink...etc..) that work well, but other colors do not (blue)...yellow has been wonderful...

As for pen... I prefer blue and nothing more than the style that I like to write with...(0.7mm Ballpoint) I buy cheap pens for 500won to 1,000won (.50cents to $1.00). I have no problem with bleeding.

Sometimes I use pencil, but actually, I will use anything... if I could use my own blood I would...Jesus did!

 2007/3/17 5:49

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 Re: Pen suitable for writting on Bible pages

I have used Rotring isograph pens for some time. They give a very clear stroke and don't bleed through the India pages of my Cambridge Bibles.

However always try it out on the 'contents' pages before you mess up your Bible. :-)

Ron Bailey

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 Re: Bible marking pens

I use a Staedtler "Mars Professional" 0.25 drafting pen - they're pretty easy to find in Bangkok. Any drafting pen should be good. Doing a google on "bible marking pens" is a good idea. I know has several options available.

Check whatever you choose on a bible you don't use first (not your spouse's or ministers!) Then test your bible on an inconspicuous page like in the publisher's intro. Test to make sure it doesn't bleed through the page. Smearing - drying time of the Staedtler is good, so I don't have to worry about it smearing if I turn the page quickly after marking it. I don't have to blot it. Another thing - make sure that the ink is waterproof. So do a small test with H2O after the ink dries.

I had one pastor with a heavily marked bible, who used any and everything to mark his bible. Then it got wet! It was very colorful, but really hard to read. Poor dear hated to part with it. He may still be using it to this day.

Dry highlighters may be a good idea, especially if you want to mark various themes in various colors, but I would subject them to the above test. I don't know much about gel pens.

Anything that doesn't bleed through or run, that dries quickly and is waterproof would probably be OK. If you use a ruler make sure it doesn't suck the ink under it, or that the edge doesn't pick up ink and transfer it to someplace you don't want it, like your white Armani suit.

J. Buzza

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 Re: Pen suitable for writting on Bible pages

P.S. Forgot to mention. Whatever you do, please don't use White-Out. Very bad idea!


J. Buzza

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 Re: Pen suitable for writting on Bible pages

I once heard a preacher say that "Scripture is not just to be highlighted, but obeyed".

Thought I would just toss that out there seeing it kinda relates to this thread. ;-)

I've used colored wax pencils...not sure of the brand name.



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 Re: Pen suitable for writting on Bible pages

A friend of mine actually recommended that I use a pencil instead of an ink pen. You can erase your mistakes, and pencil markings will, in many cases, last longer that an ink pen.

You can also find marking kits designed for making notations in your Bible on the internet or probably in a religious book store.

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