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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Zac Poonen sermons???

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 Zac Poonen sermons???

Could anybody give me a list highly reccomended sermons by Zac Poonen? I've heard a few and they were excelent. i've listened to "Hungering more for God" it was definitely worth the listen.

so, anybody?

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 Re: Zac Poonen sermons???

One of the best things I ever did was listen to his whole series entitled 'Basic Christian Teachings' it's 76 messages long, but they're only 15 minutes each. That is one of those landmarks in my spiritual walk I like to look back to -it was like getting hit in the face with a shovel, it's hard to forget.

I also recommend anything that has 'new covenenant' in the title.

Ian Smith

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 Re: Zac Poonen sermons???

[url=]Deciples of Jesus-Zac Poonen[/url]

[url=]our kingdom is not of this world[/url]

[url=]our kingdom is not of this world(video)[/url]


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