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 A Man Should BE The Message

This is always on my heart. I hear many people say what sounds good- yet I wonder if they are really living it.

No teacher should teach a message, no preacher should preach a message unless he/she has first looked in the mirror and asked "Am I guilty of any of these things?"

We are not just to deliver a message that the Lord has brought to us- but first we must work it out in our own lives. First, BE the message before we 'bring' the message. Many times BEING the message is all that is needed.

Though it is good for us to teach about the 'fear of the Lord' and 'repentance'- it is much wiser and contagious if we live it. This is true for every aspect of Christianity.

The root of the problems in Christianity is not necessarily that we're bringing the wrong message to the people (which many are!),but that we are living the wrong message before the people to begin with.

If leaders/teachers/preachers were living Christ first, if they were a living message first- this would come out in their teachings. If not- we will have scary judgement messages coming from hypocrites or we will have lukewarm lovey dovey messages from fence-sitters. Both are just as bad for both will produce worse sinners than themselves in the end.

I am sure that when Paul was in the wilderness for three years, the Lord was preparing him, breaking him to BE the message. Paul lived what he taught- He was the message. Jesus lived what He taught- He was His message. We must live what we want to teach- we must BE the message.

In His service, Chanin


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 Re: A Man Should BE The Message

Just a little quote that i have written on the inner cover of my bible...

"what thou hast not by sufferings bought,presume thou not to teach"
Oswald Chambers

derek Eyre

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