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 New testment CHURCH

This is wonderful time to discurse the spiritual things in this place. May God bless all that visit this.

Many preacher and the christians today don't know the rightly dividing the word of God. There may be many gatherings for several reasons for the fleshly things like bussiness, friends and relatives something like that..

But there is a great speciality for the gathering of the people of God in the word of God.

The Church :- this word comes from the Greek language that EKLESHIAH which means "CALLED OUT". Yes, the christians are been called out from the darkness and to the morvoles light as peter says in his epistel.

The founder of church :- Jesus says in Mat 16 :18 that I will built my Church upon this rock. He is the head of this Church. Eph 1:29. A spiritual being is the founder for the spritual construction no earthly man is called the builder or founder.

The fulfillment of that saying :- When the day of pentocost the fevistel day of jews comes the people were gather at Jerusalem. Then they were filled with the full of Holy Spirit and spoke the languages. Apostel peter stood from the elevan of apostels says that you people killed Jesus Christ but God raised Him from the death. They they were pierced in their hearts and asking him what to do for the remission of their sins. Peter answered that Repent and Baptise in the name of Christ Jesus. Then 3000 were baptised in the name of Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, they were been added to the Church that day.

They were continued in the Apostel Doctrine, Fellowship, Breaking bread, and prayer. Acts. 2chapter.

That is nothing but the church of Christ the new testment Church.

Whose so ever in the Christ are there in the Church which is the body of Christ.

This only the church that christ will take to Father.



The members are the parts of the body

Bro. Henry Bandrapalli

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 Re: New testment CHURCH

Welcome, my Brother.

I am a new member of this great discussion group too. I joined only about 5 weeks ago.

There is a place on the website for new members to tell about themselves and their ministries, although by no means are all of us pastors or evangelists.

I agree that for me, for all of us, there is no better witness than the Bible. Books about the Bible are great for study, and understanding, but for the true word, only the first generation after Christ will do for me.

Thank you for joining us - sermonindex, the Webmaster for normally does all the welcoming of the new people, when they sign onto the welcome page.

I hope he will forgive me for beating him to it.

Have a great deal of fun here. I do. And don't hesitate to give your opinion. Here, it is the more the merrier, and there is always a lot of new posts.

There is also a prayer page that many of us check on a lot.

Enjoy exploring, and finding everything.

Many Blessings to you, 8-)

Forrest Anderson

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