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 Is Revival Needed? by Charles Finney

[b]Is Revival Needed?[/b]
[i]by Charles Finney[/i]

[i]1.[/i] When there is a want of brotherly love and Christian confidence among professors of religion, then a revival is needed. Then there is a loud call for God to revive his work. When Christians have sunk down into a low and backslidden state, they neither have, nor ought to have, nor is there reason to have, the same love and confidence toward each other, as when they are all alive, and active, and living holy lives...

[i]2.[/i] When there are dissensions, and jealousies, and evil speakings among professors of religion, then there is great need of a revival. These things show that Christians have got far from God, and it is time to think earnestly of a revival. Religion cannot prosper with such things in the church, and nothing can put an end to them like a revival.

[i]3.[/i] When there is a worldly spirit in the church: it is manifest that the church is sunk down into a low and backslidden state, when you see Christians conform to the world in dress, equipage, parties, seeking worldly amusements, reading novels and other books such as the world reads. It shows that they are far from God, and that there is a great need of a Revival of Religion.

[i]4.[/i] When the church finds its members falling into gross and scandalous sins, then it is time for the church to awake and cry to God for a Revival of Religion. When such things are taking place as give enemies of religion an occasion for reproach, it is time for the church to ask God, "What will become of Thy great name?"

[i]5.[/i] When there is a spirit of controversy in the church or in the land, a revival is needful. The spirit of religion is not the spirit of controversy. There can be no prosperity in religion, where the spirit of controversy prevails.

[i]6.[/i] When the wicked triumph over the church, and revile them, it is time to seek for a Revival of Religion.

[i]7.[/i] When sinners are careless and stupid, and sinking into hell unconcerned, it is time the church should bestir themselves. It is as much the duty of the church to awake, as it is for the firemen to awake when a fire breaks out in the night in a great city. The church ought to put out the fires of hell which are laying hold of the wicked. Sleep! Should the firemen sleep, and let the whole city burn down, what would be thought of such firemen? And yet their guilt would not compare with the guilt of Christians who sleep while sinners around them are sinking stupid into the fires of hell.

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 Re: Is Revival Needed? by Charles Finney

Considering the age of this document, you would be hard pressed not to think that Mr. Finney wrote this last week. Is this not a correct commentary of where we are?
Reminds me of the beginning of 'The Revival Hymn':

[i] The church of Jesus Christ is largely sleeping, like a great bedroom and you have all the Christians in bed and there all ... and there saying "Please, don't wake me up! I want to sleep on!" And of course when God starts to operate a revival people cannot sleep, you can't sleep in church when the Spirit of God awakes the people. Look at the 1st verse of this 52nd chapter..."Awake!" Awake! Put on strength!" Wake it up! You're sleepy Christians! Awake all that sleepeth! Arise from the dead! Christ will give you life![/i]

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This thread is an oldie but a goodie. Great find by the Moderator.

What if we all honestly evaluated our lives and churches with the questions Charles Finney gave us to examine ourselves with.... and what if we then took the corresponding actions necessary to deal with it?

How about trying it..... evaluate yourself (ourselves) and the church/fellowship you (we) are involved in.



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