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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes

 " Satan's Ministers Behind The Pulpit " !!

This is actually a "WORD" the Lord gave me several years ago, but had remained a "saved to file" message only ~~ in Word document format. ( that is until now )

And was not launched and released to the World Wide Web or to the Christian community at large until now - remaining in pause mode until the appropriate time of the Lord.

So when the time is right and the purposes of God direct So.... (Then A trumpet is sounded) !!

And a Word in season is delivered - and so it remains ~~ " To him that has ears to hear, let him hear, what the Spirit ~ saith to the Churches.

What then is the spirit of God currently saying to the Churches ? - and to contemporary Christianity. ??

It's both a fair and extremely pertinent question.

More will come to light as the day of his Coming approaches... and as God - to his own choosing and discretion anoints holy men and servants - to bring forth his Word - both with clarity and with understanding ~~ "for whatsoever doth make manifest is light"

For instance who among us can confidently affirm what the following (4)things mean ??

1) The doctrine of the Nicolatians
2) The deeds of the Nicolatians
3) What the doctrine of Balaam constitutes
4) And What is this "depths of Satan" spoken by our Lord Jesus from Rrevelation (2:24)

Not easy to understand granted - but that said, it is the Spirit that illuminates and the Spirit itself that guides one into truth (and not the intellect of man)

But what if God willing in his own wisdom decided to clarify - and without contradiction what the afore mentioned things ... might mean.

Will we then be found to be amongst them that - usually scoff and deride or will we those counted as being the teachable, the reprovable and the open minded ones ?

Or Will we found --to be those who tend to [pooh pooh] things ... just because they haven't heard it ... on that fashion before ?

The call went out from the Isle of Patmos: " To those who were willing to listen - and to those whose who had ears attuned to what the almighty had to say ~~ (namely To the Churches)

But Are we listening ? are we attentive to what the spirit has to say and what he seeks to convey to us through his servants ... and to those who have diligently known and followed his voice -- so that we may benefit so - and to know "what is the message of the hour" ?

Today if you hear his Voice ~~ Harden not your hearts, as in the provacation - when the fathers did tempt the Lord our God, among whom their carcasses fell ~~ being overthrown in that wilderness.

Albeit brethren all revelation truth must stay [with-in] the bounds of holy Scripture ~~ and all the people said (Amen)

And all revelation knowledge must conform with the Apostles doctrine and to that of the doctrine of Christ ! ( and the congreagation said Amen )

For it is written: That the scriptures cannot be broken and their is no higher authority than that of the WORD !! ~~ and his word is forever settled in heaven. And to this all the people said( amen )

Having said all this thus far ~~ we now return and go back to "Topic"

Can satan really have ministry behind the pulpit ?

this is a hard saying (i know) - and the title has to be both relevant and accurate ~~ or the writer himself can be justifiably scorned and easily dismissed.

But ahh brethren we find in (2nd Corinth 11:14-15)
These Words - that Satan's ministers are transformed into what ? the Answer being "into ministers of righteousness" - whose end shall be according to their practises.

Satan can transform into an "angel of light" we are told ~~ a transformation process then occurs [and wella] ~~ he becomes disguised insomuch that he can then go about deceiving and tricking people -- that he is the very messenger sent from God.

But some would say ~ ~ tone it down, as your getting carried away and giving satan too much credit - - and after all the ones Paul is refering too - are those whacky cult leader types - and those false prophet types that have the unwashed/ unkempt long grey beards. Or those isolated and loner types that go around in the body of Christ pointing [the long bony finger] in peoples faces - proclaiming words of judgement on people. !!

Yeah those are the ones to watch for they confidently affirm and certify - those ministers that Satan both appoints and anoints ...and to whom the apostle Paul (is probably) refering too from that of 2nd Corinth and chapter eleven.

But i can't help wondering perhaps wether Paul is refering to something just a little more sinister than that - and perhaps something that could exist in our own backyards -- and yay on the doorstep.

The answer to above stated question is affirmitive - if we are applying ourselves to the text ... and then we do in turn -- correctly interpret the passage.

And so it cannot be denied that these men are perceived as "BEING RIGHTEOUS" MEN ~~ and percieved as "BEING MINISTERS" of the Gospel.

Who as it were - SAIL under the radar - not being suspected for any false teachings ... or that matter - even THAT OF "Heretical Teachings".

It's very much then [a stelth thing] ~~ and as ive always said and will continue to affirm UNTIL THE DAY OF MY DEPARTURE ~~ that false teachers are very clever and very good at twisting and distorting THAT OF scripture - to get them to say exactly ... what they want them to say. !!


And then you will be the more appreciative of today's message - and that of it's relevance. !

Again Paul stated these words: We are not as the MANY who Corrupt the Word of God ~~ or of those that do this - HANDLING THE WORD OF GOD DECEITFULLY !

Now Peter warned that in old-testament times the false prophets were amongst the people and dwelt in their very midst, even as the false teachers of today ~~ likewise will be amongst us.

In other words (IOW) don't let it be of surprise - if they should creep in amongst us - nor think to yourselves the only present and clear danger could be that of a charismatic who more than likely has a dominant and controling personality - and one who usually draws away the simple and the naieve.

In a vision given by God i once saw two men standing side by side and both earnestly facing in the one direction - both were very poised and ready to canvass their message to the world as in the same manner for instance of an eager to go Mormon missionary would be ~~ so as the vision continued - i saw that the two men had a change of apparel from what they were currently wearing and in an instant suddenly they were adorned with new apparel ~~ and with brand new suits. (dressed to nines as they say ) The vision was simple but yet very clear to me ~~ these (2) men represented satans messengers who had undergone a metamorphis transformation process - with the change of apparel being synomous and signifying that of CHANGE. This i believe is was what the Apostle was seeking to convey to so many words.

Just to conclude i will now briefly articulate some of the poison being spewing forth from these self made ~~ false ministries.

** The ridiculous, the absurd and totally heretical doctrine of "Jesus dying spiritually on the cross" and all of it's supporting doctrines - such as Jesus becoming [literal sin on the cross] and the one about Jesus going to hell to suffer at the hands of the devil.

** The unsupported errors of the modern "name it and claim it" message - and with it, the ever so popular modern prosperity message of today.

** The proposterous and innane " we are gods doctrine " -- this fallicious doctrine failed to take into account ONE THING ~~ THAT BEING only one man was ever made "equal to God" ~~ that man being Christ Jesus ~~ and further to that... the disciple is NEVER above his master, nor the servant - his lord, but YOU tell that to the proponents of this "we are gods" ( doctrine ) and see how far you get !!

** The modern form of "slain in the Spirit" Now i say [modern] so as to distinguish carefully between a legitimate falling on your face before God -- and that of it's hyabrid variety... otherwise known as [soaking] or slain in the spirit - their is a vast chasm and A vast difference between the two ...the one is a work of the spirit instigated by God himself -- the other [a work of the flesh] hatched by men with BIG egos ~~ keen to see people fall at their feet ~~ supposedly indicative... of the spirtual powers they might possess. HMMMMMM

** A Phony counterfeit word of knowledge: ministers attempting to heal people of old age and then try to fool us into thinking it is a genuine "word of Knowledge" they are frequently heard to be saying "come forward now" yes "come forward now" - and be healed of your indigestion, your troubled stomach, your ear aches, your back-aches, dimming vision - all things mind you that are just part and parcel of living in the body.( called old age -or- otherwise known as the aging process ~~ Paul counseled young Timothy to try a little wine for his stomach's sake - and his "oft" infirmities. Notice Paul didn't instruct Timothy to wait until the next [big name] preacher comes to town - and then get in the prayer line quickly ~~ and go forward when the altar call is given ~~ but rather Paul acknowledges these things as common everyday life maladies - which are all associated with mortality ~~ and the decaying process known as corruption. And not only that - the ones who came forward in Christ's time came forward having serious and debilitating afflictions i.e the blind, the dumb, the deaf, the lame, vexed, lunatic, leprosy, the halt and all those with palsies and all manner of divers torments....and not this weak countefeit thing of today ~~ that seeks to heal people of old age -- and from "oft" ... infirmities of the flesh. !!

Bro Stephen

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