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 Spirit, Soul and Body

Sorry, I haven't much time left so I must rush. I will make reference to what we read in Scripture but you will have to find them yourself.

We were talking about resurrections and judgements last week when a discussion of this came up.

We know from Genesis that God formed man [the body] from the dust of the earth. As it says in another place "from dust thou art to dust thou shalt return."

Then we are told that God breathed into man's nostrills (breath = Ruach = spirit). In Ecclesiastes it says the spirit of man returns to God who gave it. Thus the spirit belongs to God. This spirit brought life to man so...

By joining together spirit and body God created man "a living soul" and now the three parts of man existed: spirit, soul, and body.

Notice, when we die the body returns to the dust [waiting for that day when it will be raised an incorruptible body]. The spirit returns to God for it always belonged to him. And the soul awaits the resurrection where Christ reunites the (new) body and the spirit to everlasting life or the judgement of the dead where those not found in the Lamb's Book of Life go to eternal judgement.

Thus those who die in Christ are present with the Lord but not in their resurrected bodies. They await the sound of the trumpet; the voice of the archangel and the snatching away where spirit soul and (heavenly) body are reunited to be swept into God's glory.

Even as it says, "comfort one another with these words".

Thanks for your time



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