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 The Heavenly man by brother Yun

This is a great read and i could not put it down a real glimpse into the chinese church
It has helped me to re focus some things that can be easily moulded by materialism and my western thought patterns
Oh Lord, renew my mind and transform me,daily

derek Eyre

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 Re: The Heavenly man by brother Yun

The testimony of Brother Yun belongs to a very unique category, rare in its kind, seldom experienced in the West.
Entering this realm will, while reading about it and then follow hard along narrow paths and passages of the Lord, bring fort a desire for truth as a solid and relevant experience.
The one who dare touch ground with efforts of this kind will become a vessel for the testimony of the Lord.
Lars W.

Lars Widerberg

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The testimony of Brother Yun belongs to a very unique category, rare in its kind, seldom experienced in the West.

There is an special uniqueness to this man, somewhat of an apostolic fevor to him. I have put up on SermonIndex a message that he preached this year in a church in cambridge. There is an audio version and a video counterpart.

[url=]Brother Yun - Heavenly Man[/url] / [url=]Brother Yun - Heavenly Man (video)[/url]

[i]Brother Yun speaking at Great St Mary's Church, Cambridge. His account of persecution, escape but most of all his faith inspires obedience to following God. On 26th February 2004, 1500 people packed out Great St Mary's Church to hear the remarkable testimony of Brother Yun and Brother Peter Xu. Brother Yun is one of China's house church leaders, a man who despite his relative youth has suffered prolonged torture and imprisionment for his faith. Instead of focusing on the many miracles or experiences of suffering, however, Yun prefers to emphasize the character and beauty of Jesus. His story was told in the best selling Christian book of 2003 - The Heavenly Man by Paul Hattaway. Accompanying Brother Yun was Peter Xu, a house church leader who was imprisoned with Brother Yun in 1997 in Zhengzhou Number One maximum security prison, when Brother Yun had a miraculous escape.[/i]


here are some comments from people that attended these meetings:

The presence of God was quite incredible. To participate with hundreds of other people captured with a passion for Jesus, lifting our voices in worship and being challenged by the testimony of these humble and surrendered men was a real honour. Wayne and the band were amazing, leading so many people from disparate expressions of the Christian faith into a beautiful time of magnifying the Lord. -Kevin Potts

It was a blessing hearing brother Yun- a man of remarkable Faith in Jesus Christ, and brother Yun is living evidence that God can do anything absolutely anything- God Bless all those who arranged for brother Yun to come and share with us, thank you, -Liesl Alexander

Tremendous evening an inspiration me thinks we have alot to learn when it comes to counting the cost. - Clare Rowe

Such honesty and humility from Brother Yun, and searching, piercing questions I was left asking myself -which prison am I trapped in, realising my need to be released by God's Holy Spirit. The prayers for deliverance were so powerful, I was one of many who felt the warmth and love of God, and tears of gratitude flowed!! -Ingrid Stansfield

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