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 One Night with the King

I recently saw this movie:

[url=]One Night with the King[/url]

It is based on the book of Esther I was wondering if anyone else here has seen it and what they think of it?

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 Re: One Night with the King

I do not watch movies hardly ever. But I did watch this movie this last week. God showed me many things from it. The scene at the beginning with the priest talking about the "ectasy" of the being near the temple of God in Jerusalem really hit me. God imparted to me a desiring after the presence of God and for revival to come to His church. Oh to be close to Him! to hear His voice!

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 Re: One Night with the King


I watched it twice. You really begin to understand things watching it the second time. It is more historical fiction, as the events of the movie don't follow real close to the book. I did enjoy the city of Susa (if that was breath-taking, how much more God's city). I loved Haman's "eating crow" by parading Mordecai around the city. So there were some great scenes I really liked. It has been a real good inspiration to me to get into the book of Esther and study it in a way that contributes to my knowing the Lord.


Ken Marino

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