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One of the demons pipes up. "I saw some of my own doing a study, they took a single frame of one of their movies and replaced it with a picture of ice cold cola and a box of candy. At intermission the concession sales nearly doubled. It got me to thinking. What if we began to bombard the human race with subconcious images that will cause them to desire sin even more than they do now?


I am in full agreement that Christians need to use discernment though. I am thinking about getting rid of my TV and Internet connection. The devil doesn't need subliminal messages. There is plenty of filth in plain view!


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Carter Conlan sounds very good, though never heard of him before! Will folloow up that site...


Carter Conlon is the senior pastor of Times Square Church. Many of his sermons are available here for download. You can also get them from the Times Square Church website.


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So the question is if Joyce Meyer is a bad bad person, is she or isn't she still a Christian??

I think that if Carter Conlon found out that his words were being compared with Joyce Meyer in a contest of words, to see who's right, I think that he would blush, and be embarressed. Maybe someone should send him and Joyce a copy of the recording.

Those who deride Joyce Meyer, do you also pray that she come to the knowledge of the truth? Probably not, it's easier to condemn than to bless.

 2007/3/17 8:52


To paraphrase Carter Conlon

If we cant discern the propserity gospel, or understand that it is from the devil, that is a good sign that there is a divsion in our hearts. We want to serve this Jesus, but we want to serve money too. Its almost better to renounce your relationship with Christ then to live in this type of religous dillusion..

Blessings in Christ - Jim

 2007/3/17 20:06

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Brumley Missouri

 Re: Think and Grow Rich

Amen Brother, I had just finished reading this book less than a month ago. The methods Mr. Hill, use's is the same as NLP,( Nuro lingustics programming) Pardon my spelling if it is wrong.
or more commonly known as if you can dream it, you can acheive it.
I was first introduced to this kind of thinking when my wife Helen and I was in Amway, back in the late 80's.
Know I see this same teaching in the word of faith movement especially with Kenneth Copeland ministries and those ministries that are associated with them. A lot of this teaching is starting to pop up in local assemblies ( Churches)
in my area.
The prime reason I believe, this teaching is being accepted by churches and pastors teachers ect. is that we do not study our bibles anymore.
We listen to the preachers and teachers and believe what they are teaching at face value, instead of exploring the scripture and what they say in regards to there taching.
Every one wants to hear what will tickle there ears, instead of what our message should be and that is the Cross of Christ and him crusified.
PRAYER: May God help us witness to those that are decieved. anoint our words 'oh Lord of host, and lift the veil from those whom do not believe that the light of glorious gospel of Christ will be reveal to those that are lost.

William Cato

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Wow, a reply to my original post on this thread!

I dropped the ball on this and never finished explaining the reason behind bringing this up. Earlier I mentioned that this is an exposé about the methods our adversary is using today to deceve people and/or keep people from coming to Jesus Christ. Within the church these same methods are designed to prevent the body, as much as possible, from becoming effective witnesses to the gospel.

I began this discussion by talking about Hill's book (Think and Grow Rich)in order to show how big business is actively pursuing demonic influences for their success.

I followed up on this by discussing the use in advertising of a technique called subliminal advertising. I made mention of an urban legend having to do with popcorn spliced into a movie. Another brother on this thread debunked that legend. What cannot be debunked is the use of the word sex in the print media. I have seen this thousands of times with my own eyes.

The statement was made in the debunking post that this subliminal stuff doesn't work. It doesn't matter whether it works to sell any particular product, it is still there. The devil could care less about selling a product. What he is after is infecting an entire society with a preoccupation with sex. It seems to me that he has been extremely successful in this endeavor. Today's world is [i]obsessed[/i] with sexuality, and this includes the majority of Chrstians.

The next step in understanding this subversive attack on the underpinnings of our collective societal mentality is to observe that the technique used in advertising has changed. The campaign to alter society to become obsessed with sex has been so succesful that the subliminal is no longer needed. Now, the subliminal images in place today are human faces. This feeds two things in the subconcious mind. The first is pride. It gets into our heads that we are constantly being observed. One aspect of pride is the desire to be envied. In the context of advertising we begin to believe that we will be envied if we have a lot of really nice stuff. 'Hot' cars, fancy houses, the latest styles, whatever. The net result of this method is that we have become exceedingly materialistic and narcisistic. A study was recently done that concluded that todays college kids are the most narcisistic in history. The devil's methods are succeeding once again.

The second way this subliminal onslaught impacts society at large is in the area of insecurity. The inner processes of the mind translate being watched into a sense of being judged. This in turn becomes a fear of not living up to others expectations. AKA a deep inner insecurity. In turn, insecurity within drives us to become more and more shallow in our interpersonal relationships. It is at this level that this stratagem has the greatest impact on the church. On the one hand, our own insecurity becomes a blockade to fully trusting God. Secondly, we fear the judgement of man and are afraid to witness lest our own lives are examined and found lacking. Lastly, relationships within the body don't flourish because of these self same fears of judgement and rejection.

In closing, one of the main things we need to be aware of is that a great many people who walk into our churches have a very high degree of this insecurity in their life. This creates a great deal of struggle in trying to draw near to God. When these people continue to struggle for longer than we think they should, our response is often to judge them and subtly reject them. This is counter pruductive!

Jesus Christ is full of [i]grace[/i]. We all know the second half of the verse- truth, but in todays world it is imperative that we become Christ like by not only being full of truth, but full of grace.

In His Love,


Doug Fussell

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 Re: Think and Grow Rich

I haven't read this book but, on what you tell me about its content and author, I hope you don't mind, but I don't think I'll bother.




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