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 The 'Jesus' of Miami

This guy is at it again. Even worse.

Through that link is an article and another link to a 3-4 min video.

He says he is the 'anti' Christ. But 'anti' really means 'the 2nd coming of Christ'. And that 666 is a good number.

This guy has lost his mind.

 2007/2/20 17:23Profile

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Wheaton, IL

 Re: The 'Jesus' of Miami

I always assumed it'd be a little more subtle... guess I better go start building that bomb shelter.

Ian Smith

 2007/2/20 17:24Profile

 Re: The 'Jesus' of Miami

Lets not turn it into a health problem. The guy hasn't lost his mind, he's lost his life. May God grant Him life and his followers. Perhaps this guy might indeed be the anti-christ, time will tell us. God knows.

 2007/2/20 18:42

 Re: The 'Jesus' of Miami

yep, even worse.

But nothing new, I'll betcha the devil been sending guys like this out for the past two millienia.

 2007/2/20 21:02

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