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Hi everyone,I'm new here and from Ontario.
I have a question about repentance.
Recently I feel God wanting to go deeper into my heart and wants me to let go of more sin in my heart.
I'm feeling discouraged by it because I don't want to be continually "sin focused"
I know God wants me to surrender everything to Him,
but it scares me because I keep thinking if I do,
Life is going to be so hard and painful and that I need to pay the "hard way" for everything
I've done in my life.
Does anyone have any advice :-o

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 Re: Question

go the way God wants you to go, if it seems hard... it may be so...but i guarantee you will lay on your deathbed and which you had walked down it if you don't, we only have one life, you could die next week brother, or even tomorrow, this is a very important decision... God is looking for men and women who are ready to go "all the way", and if you do go there will be suffering, but also unspeakable glory, i haven't come so far myself i can give you so much advice other then trust God, the way of holiness is the greatest road to travel down, it is also a lonely road. But God is whit you.

i can recommend some messages to listen to.

here is a link to another thread, Ive listed several sermons that to me is a great encouragement to "go hard" after God,

[url=]All To Jesus Thread[/url]


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 Re: Question

First, you must know that your sins were forgiven at the cross. However, each of us desires to live a holier life, free from the sin in our life. We cannot ever achieve perfection in this life, but the scripture tells us to strive for it.

So, is your dilemea that you are afraid of the consequences of surrendering areas of your life?

Or is it that you are afraid of the cosequences if you don't?

These two questions are very different from each other.

I will ask you another question, Jesus said, "If you love me, you will keep my commands." If you do not surrender these areas of your life to Him, how do you know that you really love Him? It is by our surrender to Christ daily that we know we are His. Even Paul says "I die daily".

Now, when you do surrender an area of your life, a like, a dislike, whatever it may be, you must remember that you are relying on God, not a god, the God, of the whole universe, and if He was able to create the entire universe so that it could function together in harmony, don't you think He can direct your life?

[b]He is more than able.[/b]

And He does not make you pay for all the things you did wrong before you became a Christian.

I hope this helps, if you want to talk more about it, just send me a message, and we can talk about it that way.

Benjamin Williams

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