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 Art Katz quotes - From "Holiness or Blessing?"

"We are in the Last Days. These are solemn and awesome days, and He is waiting for the fulfillment of mandates and callings that are so monumental, it requires a people of apostolic and prophetic stature, not clowns, to perform."

"There is something more important than benefits. There is something more important than release. It is the holiness of God. It is His name. It is His honor. It is who He is in Himself. A benefit of a dubious kind is too high a price to pay if it is going to throw any shadow upon His great name."

"I want to ask you, dear saints, do you have a residue of God? Do you have a precious accumulation of something that has been worked in your inner being in its depths in communion with God over the course of your spiritual history? Do you have a history with God? Do you know God in the kind of knowledge that has to do with His sufferings? It is the kind of knowledge that comes through trials, through being stretched and broken, and through dealings that many would shut themselves off from because they are painful. I cherish all the residue of the knowledge of God that has come by that way."

"What did you think Church was - a Sunday supplement? Hey, we are coming to the end of the age. God has great purposes to consummate through a Church that knows Him, and will do great exploits out of that knowledge, and that knowledge is not cheap."

"Have you been inducted into the mindset of the world, which is, the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain, protecting your life, your privacy, guarding yourself, lest there be any threat, injury, or pain? No wonder the Church is hardly more than a conglomerate of individualities living their private lifestyles. Where is the Church of the apostolic kind, where those who believed were together?"

"There is going to have to be some snapping, popping, and breaking between yourself and your Australian culture and mindset, the English overtones that have come in, and caused you to put up your brick walls, and the sanctity of your separation and private life, which are contrary to the ethos, the character, and the genius of true church. True church is a suffering before it is a glory, just by what we ourselves are, together, in the intensity of that life. Until we will go that way, we will not move anybody to jealousy, and certainly not Jews."

'When I see a phenomenon touted as revival, where the Word of God is conspicuously absent and denigrated as not being the source of God's greatest blessing, but experience has replaced it, my alarm goes off instantly - and yours ought to as well."

"Are you able to discern, not only the things that are evil, but also the things that are good? I want to tell you that it is the things that are good that are most likely to trap us. It is good to go here, and it is good to do this, and it is good to take care of that need. It is the good things that will be our undoing, because evil will be so blatant and evident. It is the good thing that will be the most difficult to discern, unless your discernment has been strengthened by the exercise thereof. Is good good enough? Good is going to be our downfall unless we have a priestly jealousy for that which is perfect."

"It was not too long ago in a church much like this that the thought came to me that you do not have to be a Mormon or a Jehovah's Witness, or subscribe to some sect or some cult to be deceived. You can subscribe to correct Christian orthodoxy and be as effectually deceived in the correctness of that credal statement as if you were embracing false doctrine. In fact, that kind of deception is the most devious and powerful of all because you think yourself correct. There is a need to know God, saints, a desperate need to know God, and He is waiting to be sought. He
distinguishes that people, that generation that will ascend the holy hill of Zion, in Psalm 24, with clean hands and a pure heart, who have not given their souls to vanity by running to Toronto. But they are those who will ascend the holy hill and throw the bolt that opens the gate that the King of Glory might come in. He says, "This is the generation of them that seek Thee, that seek Thy face, O God of Jacob" (Ps. 24:6)."

-Art Katz

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