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 Unity, not Uniformity

I believe that it must be one of the greatest downfalls of the Christian, [b]that he will not heed the words of Christ[/b] and walk in unity with his fellow Christians.

The modern Christian believes the definition of unity to be uniformity, [b]and in their error of definition, they have prevented those who truly desire unity[/b] from reaching their goal within the church.

The doctrine that is most important is that of how a man is saved. [b]Outside of this one thing, I believe the lines that should cause men to seperate fellowship are very grey.[/b]

For one man to walk with another, they must be born of the same Spirit, that is the Spirit of Christ. [b]If this is not the primary focus of their relationship, they will always focus on semantics, and lead each other away from sure foundations.[/b]

God placed ambiguity in the scriptures so that men would have to dwell together in unity, with seperate beliefs. [b]Yet so many today are so self seeking,[/b] that they cannot walk for even a moment with a brother who does not believe like he himself.

It is those that cause division that grieve the Holy Spirit. Oh they swear allegiance to God, stating that "it is that man over there who believes wrongly". [b]Yet they do not realize that they themselves are guilty of dividing the body of Christ.[/b]

Brothers, I pray that we examine ourselves daily, that we may never be accused of dividing Christ's body.

Benjamin Williams

 2007/2/16 9:59Profile

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